Why Alibaba Could Have the Biggest IPO Ever

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May 6 (Bloomberg) -- Alibaba filed today for what could become the largest U.S. initial public offering ever. Trish Regan and Cory Johnson have more on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

The u.s.. this just crossed now.

We have more perspective on this.

The much-anticipated ipo from china.

The chinese company that is a combination of amazon, ebay, and google.

Pretty big evaluation expected.

It is filing in the u.s. we have cory johnson joining us from san francisco on this much-anticipated news.

We would see this two weeks ago, there was a delay as they try to work hard to cross their t's and.

Dot their i's. trying to get this thing ready for filing, it could be one of the biggest ipo.

We will see what market cap it generates.

$4.7 billion, correction, $5.6 billion.

I still have the filing.

I'm looking at the headlines here.

The deal is going to deutsche bank, morgan stanley, because there is so much stock to sell.

Jack ma owns nine percent of the company.

One of the richest guys.

About to get richer if this goes the way they hope that it will.

The earnings per share, it is a profitable company.

In 2013, it is free cash flow generating.

They're not specifying what exchange.

There has been a lot of chatter if they would be on the nasdaq.

We are not seeing what exchange they're going to go with at this point.

All those banks involved, this is in fact going to be a major deal.

A lot of questions about the evaluation.

When we heard was what $168 billion.

We will see.

The pricing we will not know for a while.


Owns 22.6% of this company.

We will see if the evaluation is going to suss out.

We can expect this process will be a lengthy one.

We have gotten accustomed to these fast ipos.

It could be as short as three weeks.

This is going to take it wild.

The likeliness, it doesn't have first-quarter numbers.

It has -- they are not fully on or expected in the filing today.

Julie is joining us.

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