Why Alan Mulally Is Joining Google's Board

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Cory Johnson reports on Google appointing Alan Mulally to its board of directors. He speaks on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Breaking news on google.

A new board member joining and cory johnson's looking at that right now.

Alan mulally, who had been rumored for some time as ceo of microsoft is actually joining the board of google.

An interesting choice as google makes a big push into the automotive industry, into cars, alan mulally, one of the things he did that ford -- he did so many great things at ford, helping the company through really difficult times, but bringing a lot of technology into the cars and changing the way they develop the in dash systems.

A widely respected ceo and the number two guy at boeing.

Alan mulally joining the board at google.

There had been so much speculation as to what exactly his next move would be.

Matt miller knows him well and matt had asked him whether he would consider a post in government at some point.

There had been some chatter that he would take over the v.a. because he could turn around, but warden membership at google -- an interesting development there.

A powerful ceo, a guy who is widely respected.

Look at the job he did at fort managing the company's finances and raising a lot of money before the market crash of 2008, when a lot of other car makers were having tremendous difficulty, not needing to take tarp money because he made such an aggressive role thomas simplify the product line in this many ways and changing the way they develop cars.

They have some of the leading technology for cars at the lower end of the market as well as the midline and expensive cars as well.

Really did a fantastic job there.

Boeing also did quite well there , so he's a guy who is widely respected across all industries and will be a helpful addition to the board at google.

Ask absolutely, and we wish him well.

We do have intel learning's

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