Why a Non-Disclosure Pact for Men’s Wearhouse?

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March 3 (Bloomberg) -- Men’s Wearhouse confirms it entered non-disclosure agreement with Jos. A. Bank Clothiers. Cristina Alesci reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Many have left and gone to work in the cities.

The demographics are totally dissimilar to what we have seen in coastal china.

Thank you.

We want to switch gears and visit headlines that broke earlier in the hour.

Men's wearhouse announcing a nondisclosure agreement with joseph a bank.

Bringing in our deals reporter.

What does that mean nondisclosure agreement?

They are going to do a deal.

We knew this was going to happen.

For a long time, thanks was the bad guy because it did not want to do a deal with men's wearhouse.

Put up protections that shareholders saw as a poison pill.

They announced a crazy deal for eddie bauer to make himself bigger and harder to deal with.

A lot of shareholders viewed that as a very hostile act toward shareholders because they said you have a logical target or, a combination makes a lot of sense and you are going off to do this deal with eddie bauer.

Now it looks like think is pretty smart because i held out to get the price it wanted.

To get everyone's attention, buy one get five free, 20-60 in share price.

Joseph bank is the good guy here . it would appear to be the case that if everything goes well, they get the best thing for shareholders.

Here is what no one is talking about.

Evan -- even if they agree, there are real concerns for getting this over the finish line.

Regulators will take a harsh look at the deal.

It has to two clear antitrust.

Thanks could turn around and demand protections if regulators do not sign off.

That could make ends warehouse look away from the deal.

I could demand hell or high water measure.

Are activists involved here?


They are in both stocks.

They have been pushing for the deal from day one.

Men's wearhouse is buying just of a bank?

-- joseph a. bank.


The bank management team wants to keep their job and do not want to work for a company that they think is not run as well as their own company.

You have a lot of personalities clashing right now.

To what degree is the men's warehouse marketing message about orange zimmer -- george cymer.

To what degree is there an negative impact from listening to the voice for so long?

There is no question that they have not been impacted by this.

That is one reason the whole thing started, thanks was the original aggressor.

They got word in of weak position because they lost the zimmer and made an attempt to buy it.

Sales growth, three percent.

Thank you.

I am more baffled than i was before you came on.

It is amazing.

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