Why $2,000 Headphones Sound Perfect to This CEO

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May 12 (Bloomberg) -- Audeze CEO Alex Rosson discusses the company's high-end headphones with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Audio file headphones for the high-end market.

Could you describe four people what makes you different from almost every other headphone out there?

Thank you for having me on the show.

What differentiate just from most manufacturers on the market is that we use a thin film suspended between magnetic structures.

That thin film causes vibration which causes sound.

It is a very accurate had phone, barry has vodafone -- very fast headphone, and the least amount of distortion on the market.

You have a lot of experience when it comes to sound.

Tell us about the music you have worked on, and what the connections you have our.

I come from a line of cinematographers.

I went right into the recording systemtudio right after graduation.

I became one of the pioneers of digital cinema mastering and distribution, working on thousands of movies.

From that, i found a need to create some headphones that we could utilize within our facilities, and from there it kind of just little up.

-- blew up.

We encouraged determination and passion for excellence.

We became alone would -- we became well-known known in the headphone community, and we made a name.

Cap us an idea of the range of rights -- give us a range of thee price.

We range from about $950 to $2000. that may seem outrageous for many people, but for those who are perfectionists or in the pursuit for perfection as far as experiencing and enjoying music, we provide our customers something that would be the equivalent of $25,000 stereo system and up.

We have had people say and $80,000 stereo system, but if you are an audiophile, it is a

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