Who Wins, Who Loses in Comcast, TWC Deal?

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Gabelli Asset Fund Portfolio Manager Chris Marangi discusses the Time Warner Cable and Comcast deal on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)


Is there any way the government can block it?

There is always a way the government can block it.

But there is no statutory barrier to this transaction.

The assumption is bigger is badder and that is not necessarily the case but certainly the fcc will look at a hard and they will take their pound of flesh, that is what they do.

Obviously comcast is being proactive.

What is brian roberts's to do list to modify -- mollify all editions?

It reminds me of four years ago when they made the offer for nbc.

That in my opinion was a much more controversial deal him a vertical consolidation.

They got out ahead of it.

They offered to extend the commitments they made an nbc deal to time warner cable subscribers.

They are a very powerful lobbying force in washington and they will be busy.

Chris, you tallied a list of winners and losers.

Clearly comcast and time warner cable benefit big-time looking at the share price.

What about the loser side?

Charter came in with very good organic growth prospects, terrific management and they have a opportunity to benefit most -- benefit most from an increasing scale and the best way to get to stale -- to scale was to buy time warner cable.

Does not look at what happen although i would not totally count them out.

They will have to go back to the drawing board and maybe do it in pieces.

It does not look great today as it did a few days ago for chartered.

Comcast historically raised prices about six percent.

Is that going to be a negative for the sec -- fcc as they look into this?

The cable company certainly has pricing power on the broadband side and they have been fairly disciplined in that and they offered a course more and the way of services for those price increases.

They will have to balance that.

The holy grail for cable investors is to price on a usage basis.

In washington, the balance between the haves, the sophisticates, who have all the fancy toys including broadband and high-speed internet, versus too large a part of america which is going with all time media speed.

Who will the politicians listen to?

A focus of the obama administration certainly was extending broadband abilities to all.

That has been happening.

Rock band penetration obviously has been increasing.

Comcast has made an effort to make sure it is available to set

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