Who Will Win the War in Wearables?

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July 10 (Bloomberg) -- New York University School of Business Professor Scott Galloway discusses wearable tech on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Scott galloway says that tech companies are unlikely to win innumerabl -- in the wearables market on their own.

Do not believe that he can grow in the next five years?

It is semantics, that wearables will be huge but this is a wearable.

This is a little bit like a head fake.

I would put this with customization and 3-d printing that the media is much more excited about.

The performance is not living up to the promise yet.

But tech companies -- you talk about apple with its smart watch and google with google glass.

Look at google glass.

It highlights what the problem is with tech companies.

Do you see yourself going anywhere other than the novelty with google glass on?

Here is the thing -- consumer comedies are great at figuring out a way to get someone to -- consumer companies are great at figuring out a way to get someone to wear something on the person, entirely different than someone putting something on the desk at work.

Fashion companies who are good at that do not have the capital of technological -- capital or technological expertise.

That means someone like nike is not necessarily going to be the winner here.

There are a few in summer companies who can pull it off.

One is nike and the others apple did what you are likely to see is one of 2 things -- an organic come they, or some sort of relationship between google and -- fit is doing something with tori byrd.

They will need some peanut butter and chocolate and accompanied that knows how to make people like us -- and they company that knows how to make people like us want to wear something.

And there's also a lot of talk about how do you advertise across these devices.

But everyone has been kind of in a waiting mode to see what apple does with their iwatch.

If you look at a market that is looking to be disruptive, it is watches.

That is been held at a high-end by a few luxury players that have been printing money.

We will see how it plays out.

When is apple's smartwatch supposed to come out?

We are looking for an

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