Who Will Succeed Steve Ballmer as Microsoft CEO?

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Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Agenda," Tom Keene and Scarlet Fu look at trending news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Shaping our day.

Mine is american exports.

We take it for granted.

Boeing really matters.

It is not just about making the airplanes that we come to trust every day.

It is about aerospace engineering and expertise.

You have 100 billion and counting.

Or just airplanes.

It is about technology and suppliers.

It is critical.

Our government needs to do everything they can to supply this leadership.

The same for copyright in entertainment business.

Those three.

Airplanes, entertainment copyright, and agriculture -- that is our export juggernaut.

It is why the u.s. dollar is weakening.

That is part of the mix.

In our economy, we have to compete every day.

Airbus is good competition.


Fierce competition.

I did an interview and million years ago with a guy who wrote a wonderful book on the airline business.

An airplane is two engines and the other stuff.

The engines are so expensive that they look at it as the rolls-royce engines.

Do you ever pay attention to what?

I do.

We look at the seats in the lights and the pilots.

The pros -- it is two engines with metal strapped to it.

The product algorithm is the biggest to that requires two engines.

The player that has the biggest plane with two engines is boeing.

It is about fuel efficiency.

It is great.

I can see this.

Their radio.

I like that.

That is my agenda for the day.

I think boeing is critically important.

One alum is currently the ceo of ford.

He is on the shortlist for ceo of microsoft.

The board of directors will make a decision.

They are meeting today and they will narrow down the list to three to five people.

Allen -- alan mulally is on the list.

The goal is to have a list by next month to interview the candidates and move forward with naming a successor.

Scott galloway -- steve ballmer is leaving.

Is this why the stock has rallied?

It is because he is leaving?

There is energy around bringing somebody new.

We talk about mulally being a favorite.

Is microsoft really a turnaround?

They missed social and mobile.

They missed the search.

Profits our -- our fourfold.

. profits have doubled.

Is this a turnaround?

We talked about this in the break.

Sony needs a turnaround.

Sony is apple longer than apple has been apple.

They have literally been giving it away.

Do you blame japanese management?

Do you blame howard stringer?

That is a tough one.

I would say that they let other people come into the market.

Think about all the excitement and discussion that is taking place in the living room around tv.

Sony is not even part of the dialogue.

They have the playstation four.

It will be cheaper than the xbox one.

That is the idea of tying everything at -- together.

That is the base camp.

You want to plug into your tv.

I do not have sony in my house.

I have a sony tv in the southeast -- sony playstation.

Good point.

Our twitter question of the day -- what should top the next ceos agenda.

Got galloway says it is not a turnaround story.

Here is one.

Make business mobile.

You forget that microsoft owns skype.

How about focusing on consumer products?

That is critical.

One other thing is that devices and services are number one.

Microsoft does a terrible job of marketing.

What do they need to do to better market themselves?

There are three priorities.

The first is mobile, the second is mobile, and the third is mobile.

They have to show that they will play.

What is the next big shift in business?

They have carved out a whole with their phone.

They are a player.

Their market share is growing.

They grew more than any of the other players.

They have a small base that is growing.

That is more than anyone can say.

They do have a foothold.

That goes against the grain.

They should shed their devices.

I should say, i am seeing more nokia in the last couple of weeks.

It is not just apple anymore for you.

I know you have to get to radio.

All right.

Looking forward to that.

Christina, what are you looking at?

There are reports that the federal reserve is considering a delay in this role.

You have to wonder if this is the best -- the next big health care debate.

Could this actually become a giant mess for the administration?

This will actually fall on the backs of the regulators and congress.

Maybe the white house will take a step back here and walk out.

Arguably, it is already a mess.

When you look at the white house and the things it needs to take off -- how do you fix what they have done so far?

The take away from a marketing perspective is how important -- a strong signal to your brand -- your website is.

If they had had registration on paper that was bad, it would have been bad.

If the website is not an order, your organization is not in order.

If the engine is dirty, your ship is not running.

People take their cues from how you operate your website.

The president was so out front when it came to raising money on the internet.

They communicate through social media with constituents.

How did they missed the boat?

It is an interesting contrast.

They got a lot of kudos for operating soundly on the ground.

This was a surprise.

You would think they would have access.

Let's stay on that theme of washington.

Here is another story.

Who says that congress cannot get anything done?

A sitting member of congress is finishing a triathlon this weekend.

She finished an ironman and her own state.

She finished in 15 hours.

She tweeted a picture of herself finishing the -- crossing the finish line.

She would get up at 3:00 to get in a workout.

Does this help the perception of congress?

Who has that time to train?

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