Who Will Save Microsoft After Ballmer?

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Aug. 23 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Bloomberg's Adam Johnson, Julie Hyman and Deirdre Bolton wrap up the top market moves on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

You believe that the chart show that we did not really get crushed, but i wanted to bring drama into this.

Time for the roundup.

You heard the headline in the number one stock of the day.

Steve ballmer is going to leave microsoft in a year.

In the 1980s as his 30th employee.

This is after the management reshuffle.

Microsoft is such a major change.

I started working when he took over as ceo.

It has been that long, almost 14 years.

He was president of running day- to-day operations.

Can you imagine working there since 1980 and stepping down?

Somebody congratulated him today and he was surprised.

It took him a minute because if you are retiring, you can enjoy all of that enormous wealth that he has that went out today since he was the fourth largest shareholder in the company and yet, it is a bittersweet moment.

He took this big bureaucratic company and streamlined it.

He did not understand the transition from pc to mobile.

That is what i was going to say.

Some friday drama.

Brian blair effectively described him as more of a caretaker then as a leader.

You were talking about the stock rice.

As we have been saying, that is a decade ago.

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