Who Wants to Buy BlackBerry & How Much Is It Worth?

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Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) -- In today's Triple Threat, Bloomberg's Hugo Miller and Wedbush Partners' Brian Blair discuss the outlook for BlackBerry. They speak with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

How hairy is this dog of a deal?

It is hairy.

Fairfax set themselves a deadline of i've p.m. on monday.

-- 5 p.m. on monday.

If the ceo of fairfax is going to put action behind what he said he is going to do, which is come and make a deal, he only has 72 hours to do so.

Why did fairfax back itself into this artificial deadline?

Why did they put the date on it?

He has been on the board 18 months.

He stepped down from the board on august 12. he has had some time before he formally announced the tentative offer to really explore.

Six weeks is what an outsider might have.

This guy has had 62 weeks to really have a look at the company from the board's perspective.

He had to come up with some sort of deadline.

Six weeks is what he set for himself.

The question is whether anyone else comes in and to try to trump him.

One man who does know the company is brian.

You did a some of the parts analysis where you added up the different components.

Remind the viewers how you get to some value here.

You take a look at their handset division.

They are selling a few men -- a few million blackberries a quarter.

Take a look at some of their ip patents.

They have this new piece that does have a little bit of value.

They recently opened up that very resins to make it available on android and ios.

That is a new area to add value.

Fairfax already knows this company.

They are a 10% holder.

They did not need six weeks to do due diligence.

What they wanted to do was create a backstop and the stock so it did not go to six dollars.

The way to protect their investments hoping someone else would step up to the table and by this.

That gary is looking for interest.

They are fishing for it.

-- blackberry is looking for interest.

Let's move this thing forward.

It is monday, high noon, monday at midnight and the fairfax bit is not official.

What happens?

We have seen what is happening with the stock.

No one believes this is a deal at nine dollars.

It has never traded at or above nine and they announced their interest in the company.

We see the stock continue to drop lower.

If wall street believed this was a legitimate deal at nine dollars a share, the stock would not be trading a significant deal lower than that.

We are going to see all of the metrics continue to decline.

Quickly, $2 billion on the balance sheet.

What is your value for the company?

That cash is dropping off.

It was $3 billion.

This is a five dollar or six dollars stock.

Always great having your expertise on the show.

Hugo, thank you for joining us.

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