Who's Winning the Electric Car Market Race?

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Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) -- MIT Technology Review Senior Editor Kevin Bullis discusses the electric automobile market on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Traveling the world.

I know you are outside of boston now.

You were in africa and the philippines.

You have been in places where cheap energy is hard to come by.

Is that what makes you a fan of tesla?

Not really.

It is a very expensive car.

Not really good for poor countries.

The promise is that it can drive down costs.

It is an innovative technology, to the point where it could really make a difference around the world.

What about the idea, some people say electric cars are not green at all.

Once you use up the battery one time or let it run down, it never quite works the same again and you have to ditch the whole car and start from scratch?

Are you talking about the lifetime of the battery ok.

So the batteries have been lasting really well if you look at hybrids and what is happening in tesla's roadster.

They last longer than people thought they would.

The great thing about the batteries is when they are done, they still have 80% of the charge left so you can take them and use them to store solar and wind power and that can be really green.

There are a lot of benefits that could happen after the battery life is over.

As someone who has researched this a lot, the pros clearly outweigh the cons.

There are questions.

If you buy an electric car and charge it up from a coal plant, you are not much better off than if you just bought a hybrid vehicle.

You could be worse off.

We are looking down the road to when we have more solar wind and an efficient grid.

Electric cars can help that happen and make solar wind a lot better.

You can store power.

When you say down the road, could you give us an estimate of when you think more people, this might just be mainstream?

It will take a while.

They will take a long time.

We are talking about decades.

I am not saying tesla will take that long.

It could happen a lot faster.

We're talking about a huge vehicle market out there and cars tend to stay out on the road for a long time.

It is good because we do not want a lot of electric cars on the grid right now straining the grid and using a lot of coal power.

The timing will be perfect.


hopefully, the infrastructure will catch up as well.

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