Who's Winning the Battle Between HBO and Netflix?

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Feb. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on the battle between HBO ands Netflix. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

We've seen a lot of things with video.

Where does that leave hbo today?

In hollywood circles they love to discuss the battle between hbo and netflix.

Netflix has a disney connection because they have a deal coming where many of the movies are coming to net flix on a first run basis after they've been in theaters.

Hbo results were part of the time warner results you just highlighted.

What you see is a pretty healthy business, a business that generated $4.9 billion in revenue last year.

While netflix gets a lot of attention for adding subscribers and hardware and all the awards they are getting, hbo has been in the position to say thank you very much but we have a very profitable business.

It gets to the bigger question of what is the best model?

Obviously hbo is a service that is part of that cable world, that cable bundle.

Where netflix you sign up for $7.99, come and go.

Netflix looks like it but hb orkse's financials look pretty strong as well.

You reported that the company behind "house of cards" has a new investor.

Goingen hime is the new investor.

We talk about "house of cards," the second season is going to be coming to netflix on value tynes day.

They announced yesterday there is going to be a third season.

When netflix decided to push into organize nals.

They said can we find a partner to make a show like this so we're not carrying all the financial risk.

That turned out to be media rights capitol.

They are behind "house of cards." they included a range of companies.

Goingen hime a large company has come in and replaced some of those investors and the thinking is give them a little bit of a financial boost if they want to go out do more interesting stuff.

They've done film and the "ted" movie.

I for one very excited about the third season of "house of cards." thank you.

We'll get back to you later for

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