Who’s the Better Partner for Alstom, GE or Siemens?

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April 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matthew Campbell reports on the possible deal between GE and Alstom on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Independence of france's nuclear industry.

Or more on the story, i want to go to matt campbell in london.

Who has the upper hand here between ge and siemens?

That is a very good question.

Over the weekend it was a little less clear.

It seems the ge has required -- reclaimed the initiative a little bit.

People close to the french government are walking back some of the comments over the weekend that siemens would be a better partner for alstom and france.

The minister who was leading the charge against ge is very respected within the ruling socialist party, but does have a tendency is speaking out of turn occasionally.

As you noted, this meeting between jeff imelt and francois hollande ended with smiles.

Ge's prospects to look ok.

Imelt is a charming guy.

Doesn't the french government, isn't their biggest concern here jobs and the protection of jobs?

A company like ge, an american company that has a little bit less of that french style culture and it, represents a bit of a threat to the law and -- hollande and company.

A alstom plays in key industries.

Ge is not seen as a negative example of american capitalism in france.

It has had operations in france for a very long time.

It has worked quite hard with developing a relationship.

It is a reflex that this is not something that they want to see going to an american company, even an american company that they rather like.

Another thing, is airbus.

Selling airbus to boeing instead of building it up as its own company -- that is seen as the alternative.

Whether it is seen as a real alternative is an open question.

The political tectonic plates are shifting a little bit here and i think ge may find its

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