2016: Who’s Kissing the Ring of Sheldon Adelson?

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March 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek’s Josh Green reports on Republican’s traveling to Las Vegas to meet with Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson. Green speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Been calling on companies to boost wages.

Republican president or candidate for 2016 are making a pilgrimage to las vegas.

They want to kiss the ring of sheldon adelson.

We are joined by josh green, who will explain all of this to us.

What is the format today?

You have a lot of blue-chip candidates coming out here to basically they all march to sheldon adelson because not only is he one of the richest people in the world, he is one of the richest republican donors.

Sheldon -- what is really going on is the sheldon adelson a beauty contest.

You have a lot of blue-chip contestants getting ready to strut their stuff.

Governor chris christie, jeb bush, kasich of ohio, etc.

-- how will these guys be making their pitch to mr.

Adelson today?

There is a whole weekend's worth of events sponsored by the republican jewish committee.

Most of them are coming out for a private dinner that adelson will be throwing in his private airplane hangar to honor jeb bush.

Over the weekend there are golf outings and scotch tastings and in between that, adelson will have a series of one-on-one coffees and meetings and listen to these guys informally make a pitch for why they are the most electable candidate.

I don't know they do not take the "surveillance" jet hangar.

Josh, do the democrats have an equivalent?

Is there a democrat sheldon adelson?

If you ask a republican, they say that the original was a george soros and was pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into democratic politics.

You don't have the same kind of personality.

George soros does not have democrats out at a big event and grade -- and parade them through the media there.

That is more of a sheldon nilson las vegas think and write now the focus is on republicans and who is sheldon adelson going to give his money to.

Very successful.

That is where i wanted to go.

Spent $93 million and the governor of massachusetts did not take the trophy.

What is mr.

Adelson doing different this time?

In 2012 he was motivated by loyalty.

He is a good friend of newt gingrich, and so he and his wife gave gingrich through a super back about $15 million, which probably did more to help president obama than anybody in the republican party, because it was newt, if you remember, who launched those devastating attacks on romney as a vulture capitalists that obama picked up and used to win.

After the gop primary, adelson shifted to romney but by that point the damage was done, it was too late.

This time around, his aides say he is motivated by when he says he is looking to find the most electable mainstream republican.

Ah, mainstream.

That is interesting.

Very quickly, josh, are we going to hear social issues or tax issues?

What we are going to hear is israel -- sheldon adelson is a big israel talk.

-- hawk.

We are not going to hear a lot of social issues, which may not be surprising for a guy who made his money in las vegas.

And we will hear economic issues.

Josh green of "bloomberg

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