Who’s Going to Win the Steaming Wars Battle?

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April 25 (Bloomberg) -- OB1 Digital Media Founder Ed O’Brien discusses online video on Bloomberg Television's “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Getting more confused.

Netflix, traditional cable, amazon.

We have fire, apple tv.

Walk us through this model.

It has gotten complicated in a relatively short amount of time.

There are a number of players out there.

There is a bit of convergence is happening right now.

I think there are some early winners.

It seemed traditional providers like hbo are putting a stake in the ground.

Netflix is at 15 million subscribers.

-- 50 million subscribers.

Then you're seeing yahoo!

In a well putting a stake in the ground in the content space.

It is still very early.

It is also very exciting for all parties concerned.

Quite how important is exclusivity?

It does not include netflix.

Netflix has long coveted the catalog at hbo.

There are some deals out there that are nonexclusive.

There are some deals that are exclusive.

The dynamics are different from content providers and from distributors.


Exclusivity is an important play.

It is not something that traditionally hbo is going forward with.

They had tina to be a bit agnostic.

I think that would inform us the deal came at a premium.

It is a good deal for both parties and hbo.

It gets the content in front of an audience that perhaps is not have a lots of overlap.

It does not do a lot to disenfranchise existing operators.

It also provides content in an un-sanitized, true to his artform manner.

What do you mean by that?

There will be the advertising.

It is a curious set of contents.

A lot of the adult fare will be there.

It is different than the syndication deal 10 years ago with a number of the other networks to syndicate that content.

You make an interesting point.

Hold on.

Like when sex and the city is on the ee network.

I got it.

This idea that it may not accept some of the cable partners because you're reaching and party their amazon but doesn't necessarily have service now, if that is the case, why when hbo want to do a streaming deal with some of its premier content if it is true that there's not that much overlap in theory.

They should not be that unhappy.

Hbo is still a very strong business.

It is a $5 billion business.

It continues to prosper.

I think we are on track to have another good year.

As we sit here today and the second quarter of 2014 innings all the since the mean world to continue along.

In this deal they blew the ball down the field a little bit.

It is interesting to see it if they want to make the move it would not be hard for them to do so.

Could this hurt hbo?

There are people that got premium capable specifically watch to watch the hbo program for now they don't need to.

Some of that is true.

This is a curated set of library content.

It is now three years old.

There is a whole suite of really strong pop culture content that will not be made available on amazon's prime service.

Why not make hbo go available without having a subscription and cut amazon out of it?

Direct to consumer?

There is a very plausible and strong and vibrant business that hbo participates in right now.

It is a large ecosystem underneath the umbrella of time warner and to go it alone would sort of create a lot of problems that would impact hbo in some of the other networks.

Immediately it would treat problems but over time that is the direction things seem to be moving.

You've got to be operating multiple devices at your house.

You still, what do you have, cable or fiber?

I have fire those -- fio, apple tv, xbox, as couple of ipads.

More americans are moving in that direction.

They still had cable.

They do not cut the cord just wanted hbo on another advice.

They are making themselves what really -- readily and widely available.

The ability to access and hbo subscription on multiple devices in multiple locations the you're still tethered to a subscription.

10 years from now who is the dominant service?

I tend to think the incumbents are strong competitive positions.

I like comcast.

They are head of most in a number of categories like the xbox.

It is a slick divine.

I really like what apple has done.

When it will alter of the box, can i install it like a chrome cast and have it operate right out of the box?

Is a terrific app.

A little bit.

I like it.

What else do you like?


I think netflix has a great lead.

What they are doing right now is informed.

It gives them a competitive advantage.

They've got access to user data.

They know how long someone has watched a show and how long it takes into binge three series.

They are using this to inform programming decisions.

Netflix is ahead of most in that respect.

They are taking shows that may appeal to a category like kids or other audiences and they use that with profile management to inform the programming decisions.

Thank you so much for giving

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