Who’s Going to Replace Warren Buffett at Berkshire?

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May 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Noah Buhayar reports on who speculation as to who may succeed Warren Buffet. Buhayar speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Who have you found to be possibly the sleeper candidate?

My article focused on the head of the energy business at berkshire hathaway.

They own a bunch of utilities and pipelines.

He was one of those executives who was seated away from the other managers at last year's meeting.

I used that as a jumping off point to explore his career and what that says more broadly about where berkshire is headed.

How does he compare to the other leading candidates?

That is an interesting question.

There are things that recommend all of them.

The things i find fascinating about greg abel is that he has been there to help build up the energy business over the last 20 years.

He has really been there building up the company through acquisitions, running them in a very efficient manner.

It has been good for berkshire shareholders and for the folks who are served by the utilities.

What i say in my piece is that those are some of the qualities that may be useful to berkshire going forward.

Unlike 15 or 20 years ago, berkshire is much less dominated by the stockpicking of the ceo, warren buffett.

It is a company that has evolved to having massive operating units, like the railroad, energy units, manufacturing companies.

The skill set for the next ceo may need to be a little bit different than what warren buffett brought to the table.

You and i were there the other week when we were talking with warren buffett.

He answered questions about david winters, who was pounding on buffett to say something about coca-cola.

Do you think buffett has put the issue to rest?

Do you expect more questions?

Absolutely not.

I would anticipate that will be the first question on saturday.

It is clearly the hot button issue.

There are a lot of folks who have looked to buffett as a lone star or moral compass for how ceo's and investors should behave.

A lot of people in omaha think there are inconsistencies to what he said over the years and what happened.

I would expect that he would try to address that very soon out of the gate.

David winters is out again with another statement this morning, saying they want coca-cola to change their equity plan.

The other notable thing about the meeting is that buffett could not find a bear to sit on stage to ask them questions.

-- him questions.

Has that been given any kind of chatter in omaha?

I think it is more curiosity than anything.

A lot of the people who show up at this meeting -- many of them are shareholders, they are part of the base, they really believe in berkshire and what it is doing.

You can speak with some people and they would say, why would anyone put themselves up to that challenge?

This is a company that is close to hitting 200,000. there was a lot going right at the current moment.

I am not terribly surprised that they struggle to find someone to fill that seat.

Thank you so much.

I will see you there in omaha.

Moving and shaking this hour, steve wynn.

What people really want to know about is that run in he had with george clooney last month.

Clooney was in wynn's vegas

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