Who’s Going to Look at an Ad on Instagram?

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April 1 (Bloomberg) -- Nanigans Senior Vice President of Marketing Dan Slagen and Evercore Managing Director Ken Sena discuss online advertising on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Helping facebook convert light into want to need?

You've seen a big shift from the branding to performance marketing.

We work with brands like ebay and waste here.

How receptive have advertisers been when you say you used to always go to abc and now we will start putting it on facebook.

12 months ago you saw direct advertisers on faith again we are seeing more of the brands.

We think the next shift will be consumer growth.

We will see a shift or two video and premium advertisement.

I like what you wrote in the notes, which is the choices for advertisers keep growing at the level of display advertisement has not increased.

If you take out facebook and video, you are left with six percent display growth.

One of the headwinds of mobile.

You certainly see newer players coming into the space showing exciting growth, but usually coming at the expense of older players.

A little bit of a rotation that happens.

Some of it is a song the best new tools, the best new data.

50% of facebook sales are mobile, right?

This is critical.

Is anyone going to do this?

I am looking at the instagram feed right now.

You tell me i am going to have an advertisement in here?

The majority will be the millennial group.

They started with three brands.

Ben & jerry's, michael kors and levi's. they also just announced a deal with omnicom.

Movies with transformers five on here this summer.

Whatever will target the millennial's. we think about his book in terms of performing.

No one is expecting right now click to purchase.

This is the point to both of you.


If we assume it is branding, will it be successful branding?

Rightnow plenty of advertisers that would like to get in front of the millennial.

I saw a banner advertisement and it blended into the website.

It did not jump out.

Is that where we are going?

I think the question becomes if you are trying to target the millennial and show them an advertisement they do not want to see, are there other options for them to move?

We are so connected through one another through the app and found that are there other services that could replace?

I think they have to tread carefully in terms of how hard they push to make sure the quality of experience is still there.

What are the opportunities when it comes to wearable technology?

Eventually this is going to be a bigger issue.

I think when it comes to wearables, we talk about from mobile to in-store, which is perfect for wearable.

What will drive me to in-store?

The contacts base.

What is your comfort -- questions on conference calls this time around?

Ken senna of ever corker, what are you going to ask?

Is there a play on messengers with wearables?

When you think about where things are going, what gets folks to want to buy?

Hardware is becoming

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