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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Michael Dell and Silver Lake Management LLC sweetened their proposal to buy Dell, boosting their offer to $13.75 a share in an effort to clinch shareholder support. Cristina Alesci reports on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

That 10% -- $.10 bob that you're talking about is conditioned on michael dell and a silverlake wanting god to change the voting terms around this deal.

This shows how to spread and dire the situation is.

If the voting terms don't change, they do not have a chance of getting this deal through.

That is because it comes down to those voters that have the shareholders that have not voted throughout this whole ordeal.

Those are working against michael dell and silverlake -- they want them not to count at all.

It is important to keep in mind -- the special committee has not agreed to the voting changes that michael dell and silverlake are requesting for that $.10 bump.

We have no agreement from the other side.

The next milestone will be 6 p.m. tonight.

They raised the offer hoping they will be able to get the support, so what can you tell us about the price, that extra 10 cents?

The extra $.10 makes a difference for some as additional shareholders.

It shows and gives them some cover to go ahead to vote in favor of the $.75 offer.

It does not seem like that is going to change the special committee recommendation.

If the special committee does not sign off on this proposal, it is not going to shareholders for a vote.

It looks like that is where we are heading now.

What silverlake and michael dell has said in a statement is that this new offer expires at 6 p.m. tonight, trying to put a gun into the special committee's head.

That is nothing to be working.

-- does not seem to be working.

It looks like the offer will expire.

Hopefully this vote takes place august 2. if not, there is additional -- there is potential a new deal will be negotiated.

Any word from carl icahn yet?

No word yet, but you can expect we will hear from carl icahn very shortly this morning.

He will obviously -- yesterday, he had harsh words for the special committee.

He said this is not banana republic and you can't keep postponing the vote of the get the outcome that you want.

We will expect to hear from him no doubt today.

Cristina alesci in a windy round rock, texas.

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