Who'd Buy BlackBerry After Z10 Flop?

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Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Wedge Partners Principal Brian Blair comments on BlackBerry considering putting itself up for sale. He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is probably no surprise to many people that the company would consider something like this but why now?

Have they had a chance to see how the new devices have sold?

That's exactly what it is following the z10 and they got a glimpse but they needed to get a sense for the demand for the q10 product which has a keyboard and is like the old lack berries.

There is low indication of interest and demand.

I think they are projecting that out one year that they will be in trouble.

I think they are putting this group together to explore options before it is too late.

It was interesting to see torson hiones said - it is about focusing on the service business.

Does that appeal to it a potential buyer that they know how this device may sell and may not spend all their money and energy on it?

That's part of it.

He has to show that he knows how to keep his company afloat without completely running it into the ground and has to show how he is smart with costs right now.

The number of subscribers are in decline and they have seen a little lift in afp's but he needs to show he needs to keep the ship afloat.

They have $3 billion in cash.

He needs to let people know he is making smart choices.

I'm sure your phone has been ringing with people saying what could potentially happen here?

Who would consider buying blackberry?

I think we are likely to see -- if anybody comes in to buy it -- that's why the stock is not really reacting because it is not clear who can come in.

Some of the chinese players -- zte or the lenovo group, some of the asian players could look at this because there is an opportunity for this company to exist selling products in emerging markets.

I have said that at blackberry wants to survive, they need to forget about competing with apple and android.

They need to go for the emerging market where people still like $150 blackberry devices with keyboards.

Those are some of the likely buyers.

Some people will throw around jeff bezos and amazon which is less likely.

They have decided on android as their platform.

If they do a phone, it is likely to be android-based.

What about another option reported last week that they might go private?

We talked to some of the private equity firms to get a sense of if there is interest.

We did not get an overwhelming response.

If they did not find good options from other companies, would they try to go private?

I do, that would take them out of the investor scrutiny spotlight.

That would allow them to redo their whole business.

I think it makes sense but it is a bubbly the most likely option because i'm not sure anybody will come -- it is probably the most likely option.

Going private would allow them to focus on the low-end opportunity.

Without being under the scrutiny of the investment community.

The market share numbers compared to a windows phone at -- do you expect that to be the way the market share rates down in the future?

I do, i think windows will grow.

Microsoft is spending a lot of money and marketing dollars globally right now that blackberry is not.

I think that will allow windows to grow and outpace blackberry.

It will still be far behind android and ios but we will continue to see blackberry decline marketing and windows market share globally will grow especially at the low end where they have introduced sub- $200 phones.

Thank you for joining us.

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