Who Is Warren Buffett’s Favorite Banker?

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Aug. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Byron Trott, former investment banker at Goldman Sachs and co-founder of BDT Capital Partners LLC, has made a career out of working with some of the world's largest family businesses. Bloomberg’s Jeff McCracken reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Closest advisor.

He has parlayed that into an investment advisory firm that specializes in helping rich families get richer, which now includes the koch brothers.

I want to bring in jeff, who worked on this story.

We talked about this several weeks ago when you had first begun.

There are few details about byron trott.

He is very secretive the fitting the families he wants to work with.

Most bankers that develop a career become experts in a silo like aerospace, real estate, or health care.

His silo was rich people.

He grew up in the wealth management business at goldman sachs.

He has developed an exclusive rolodex.

Bankers pride themselves on having contacts with ceo's. in his are some of the richest families in the world.

Unlike a ceo who may be ceo for only five years, this generational wealth stays for decades.

If you get into a family like buffett or koch or the ryman family in europe cornering the coffee market, you are probably in with them for decades.

His relationship with buffett goes back a long way.

One of the big moments was buffett's investment in goldman sachs.

He was instrumental in that.

There was a letter buffett wrote in his annual meeting to shareholders that said byron trott is the one banker i would trust.

At his career affirming for any banker.

At the end of 2008, he was the individual that approached buffett and negotiated a deal that propped up goldman sachs.

Not long after, he went out his own --on his own.

He has relationships with wealthy families including with the koch brothers.

Byron is an advisor but he is also an investment manager for them.

Many rich families will put up to $125 million per family with bdt and he will invest on their behalf.

He has brought the koch brothers deals and transactions in the auto and industrial space.

He is not your typical banker working with ceo's. he is working with rich families that own good businesses that

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