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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Founder and CEO of Technonomy David Kirkpatrick discusses Sean Parker's wedding extravaganza with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Event for vanity fair.

The details in your story are just tagger inc.. -- staggering.

Of all of the events you have been to, how did this one compare?

It is the most memorable i have ever attended.

I am a tech writer.

I did not go to the wedding to cover it.

I went because i am friends with sean and i was just there, and then i ended up writing the article.

It was very beautiful.

There is no question it was lavish.

That was apparent from the photos.

But who else has ever taken a redwood grove and be decked it with in every corner, every kind of flower, built bridges, little castles, a celtic cross , hung things from the trees?

Despite the controversy, it was beautifully respectful of the forest.

The people there had a wonderful time, which was part of the whole point.

Shauna and alexandra had an incredible time.

They say they want to get married in private, to celebrate in private.

I am a romantic.

Everybody deserves the wedding of their dreams.

But yet, it is written about in vanity fair?

How did you write this piece?

Did he ask you?

Did you ask permission from him to write it?

After the controversy arose, especially after the wedding, there was all this controversy about the fines he had to pay in order to have the wedding in that location because the california coastal commission had ruled that they could not have the wedding because of some violation that the hotel which owned the property had apparently committed long before.

The campground where the event took place had been closed down for a long time.

I don't even know all the legal things that cause the coastal commission to try to shut it down.

That led to a huge folderol and sean got a little defensive, wrote and 9000 plus word article explaining why he did it and criticizing the press for writing in accurate articles about his wedding.

As you know, they got tons of coverage.

I was thinking, somebody should tell the real story because it was a lovely event, respectful of the forest, and i don't think it was environmentally irresponsible.

I have written for vanity fair a few times.

My editor called and said, did you go to the wedding?

I said yes.

He said, do you think you could write about it?

I called one of sean's pr people and said do you think they would have an interest in having the real story written about, and he called me back and said they would.

It is interesting, if you have a second for me to explain another irony.

It turned out that one of the photography's shauna and alexandra had hired -- sean and alexandra had hired to photograph the wedding was one of vanity fair's top photographers.

You say the social network portrayed him as a slick, scheming presence at facebook.

What is he really like?

He comes out with a 10,000 word opus about what happened with this wedding and he is still people off.

He really is an intellectual of business and technology.

In that piece, about half of it was devoted to explaining how journalism had gone off track because of the internet and the social systems he helped invent.

He was being somewhat defensive about the wedding and explaining why it was not environmentally irresponsible, but he also really was engaging with a lot of ideas in that article.

He is one of the most idea oriented people i have ever known.

I think he is one of the smartest people on the planet.

The fact that he is a billionaire is not coincidental.

The fact that he had an early interest in facebook.

I am very fond of him , to be

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