Who Is the Fairest BRIC of Them All?

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Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Chart Attack," Holland & Co. Chairman Michael Holland and Bloomberg's Adam Johnson look at the BRIC nations. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Google, xerox, skype, this is what happens when a brand becomes so common it becomes a verb.

But tivo is getting kicked down the curb.

Tivo had only one profitable quarter since 1999. the company ceo is saying that is about to change with the newest dvr.

Is this the product that will keep people tivo-ing?

Our goal is to bring all of the content together from all sources to all screens no matter where you are.

That is what roam io does.

It allows you to get connected to your recordings easily.

Let's bring in our panel.

Is it the answer to tivo's problem question mark the company is expected to post a loss again this quarter.

86 point 4 million is the number we are looking for.

-- 86.4 million is the number we are looking for.

It lets you record programming and watch programming.

It allows you a wi-fi portal in your house , some versions will allow you through your devices to watch your content that you are recording at home.

Tivo is getting business that way.

It has software that you can use through your cable provider or other television provider that allows you to manage your content.

That subscription number as well as the number of folks who have the set top box, that is another point analysts will be watching.

They are trying to move past this patent litigation settlement they had back in june.

It was a settlement with a number of different companies and that settlement amount was for much lower than analysts predict it.

That is what the sent the stock tumbling.

Talk about what is at stake here.

This is a company that runs the risk, if it does not start to see some extent in the new device area, becoming a little bit like the blackberry.

It is critical for all of these tech companies to stay up with the trends.

You do not need a tivo box anymore.

It is a nice revolutionary box.

The key thing for tivo , what are they going to do with their cash?

The stock is $11 a share.

How much are they going to win on the wholesale deployment?

There are tens of millions of pay-tv subs around the world that have to be upgraded to a new user interface.

I think they will get some, but it has taken a while.

A $13 price target.

You have virgin media.

Against a very tough competitor b-sky-b. tivo has not convinced enough of the other satellite companies to deploy the tivo middleware . things do not look that hot in the stack.

I am looking at the volatility today.

We have customers buying the weekly put.

That does not look like traders coming in and hedging.

Most of the volume we are looking at is in the money put type of trading.

There is a lot of good opportunity on the put side of this.

You could buy -- to me that looks like a good trade.

I do not think it will be bringing in a lot of profits or a lot of good expectations.

I think i have to play this one on the bear side.

All of the activity makes me think the stock will go down.

You think the stock is going down.

Allen thinks it is going up.

Give me the counterargument.

It is an operating game.

$10 a share in cash, you are paying $150 million right now.

It sounds like it is all about the cash on the balance sheet.

I would like to see what they are going to do with it.

I would like to see a major share repurchase plan.

You sound like carl icahn.

Bill altman waved the white flag.

We will tell you how much it has cost this activist investor.

? the u.s. justice department is suing to block the planned merger between american airlines and us airways.

That was about two weeks ago.

It may have created another takeover target that appeals to both airlines.

Potentially, jetblue.

Why each of these companies might be interested in jetblue.

Jetblue is cheap.

It is the widest gap right now.

That is not a reason to necessarily go ahead and buy.

It is small.

If the u.s. government is going to put stock in big airline -- stop big airline deals, we could see a picking off of the smaller guys.

There are some major obstacles to this logic.

Jetblue is not going to move the needle for either one of these guys.

If you look at jetblue, their customer is the leisure customer.

It is not the business-class traveler that is driving the margins for a lot of these airlines.

You have a clash of his cost culture -- a clash of cost culture.

Blue is union, but there is a clash in terms of the style of how the airline works.

It cost jetblue $.11 per customer per mile to operate.

The industry average is about $.13. i just flew jetblue recently.

I cannot believe it.

I will tell you.

It is a very different experience than you would get on american or us airways.

There is a very helpful crew.

They can almost -- it is almost a carnival atmosphere.

You get a lot of leg room.

$25 upgrades.

They are going after a more higher class audience right now.

Jetblue has to make a decision.

They can either stay down and fight the fight with a lower cost airline providers.

Providing their services at an even cheaper price or they can go after and really provide a niche for that middle-class business traveler, which is what they are doing.

They are launching a business- class section.

Jetblue is much more of an egalitarian, we are all in this together.

We had a delayed flight and the captain came out and said, i am sorry, i have to get back to my daughter's graduation.

Trust me, i want to get this going.

American used to be very strong new york to boston.

Once that route turned unprofitable, jetblue created the niche.

They have taken that market away from the bigger guy.

Jetblue is able to do it at a very decent cost.

It is possible that there could be a deal with jetblue, but there are many obstacles.

The big question and what is the problematic piece of the puzzle, u.s. airways is the airline that really needs a deal to happen.

It wants to play with the big boys.

Right now, it cannot.

It has a bunch of second tier cities.

I know i am not supposed to use that term.

For example, their hobby in the west is phoenix as opposed to american sub, which is dallas -- american's ubhub, which is dallas.

If this merger does not go through, i have a problem.

You have to fly them sometime.

Bill ackman is that twofold -- is set to fold.

After reaching an agreement earlier this month to unload its stake.

Julie hyman is joining us.

Here is what is interesting, you have the announcement that this huge block of shares coming on the market, 39 million shares.

The shares are up today.

They want him out of this.

He is the one who picked ron johnson.

He is the one who helped ring back mike, but undermined him with his letter to the board complaining about mike very publicly.

The reaction by analyst's when ackman resigned from the board, good riddance.

Let jcpenney be on a path to recovery.

Let mike do his job.

F nothing else -- if nothing else, restore the company to where it was pretty ron johnson.

That feeling seems to be a positive by investors.

It is almost rather unbelievable.

You would assume the stock would get hammered, 39 million shares hitting the market at once.

An amazing vote of confidence and it speaks to what seems to have become a general mood against il ackman -- bill ackman.

People have been going after him.

The article in "vanity fair" -- remember last week, jcpenney came out with a poisoned pill.

Nobody is going to come in here and by the company.

It seems like this move was perhaps what was behind that.

It was a defensive move by jcpenney am a 39 million shares, they do not want another bill axman -- bill a ckman buying that stake.

Quite a story.

Julie hyman, we will see you at the close.

We are talking about the fairest of them all.

? we show you a chart that will make you smarter.

We talk about the brics.

There is one that should not be lumped in with the rest.

Mike, let's talk about brazil, russia, india, china.

We have talked about them in the past, but focusing on china to say maybe there is something different with the world's second-largest economy.

It is really important.

It overtook about a year ago.


Amazing growth.

The concern had been hard landing.

They have been growing at 8, 9, 10, 11%. it is opposite day in china versus the u.s. they have slowed things down.

Let's be sure we do not pay too much attention to official numbers.

Let's give people a little perspective.

We have brazil, india, and russia.

We are looking at gdp.

What is your take when you look at those three?

That is what you expect of emerging-market countries.

Enormous volatility.

We are getting back to a little bit of what we used to have in the past.

In the u.s. slows down, the rest of the world catches pneumonia.

The u.s. is having an effect on these three countries.

China is part of that as well.

The volatility in their growth is pronounced.

Look at china.

Where is the hard landing?

It did not happen.

Even a soft landing did not happen.

They have slowed things down dramatically.

Let's not even pay attention to the official numbers.

Some of them are accurate.

But there is still some growth.

The numbers that came out this morning would indicate that we have a little bit of an uptick.

Some of the numbers are even kind of promising.

China in a league by itself.

Let's be mindful that their market is even worse than ours.

It has been hard.

We are talking about watches, jewelry, all kinds of good stuff.

The top 10 stocks that you need to know about.

We will get to that personal assistant, you can do it and go virtual.

We have some tips, coming up.

? it looks like it will be the worst close for the s&p and eight weeks.

We are hovering near the lows of the session.

The dow is up 153 points -- is off 153 points.

A lot of concerns about tapering.

A lot of concerns about who will be the next head of the federal reserve.

We are getting you caught up on the only stocks need to know about.

Number 10, best buy, trading down.

The cofounder plans to sell part of his stake.

Best buy has not specified how many shares he plans to sell.

Movado moving up , net income surging 55%. also boosting its earnings and revenue forecast.

It announces a 60% increase to its quarterly dividend.

Number eight, tivo.

The shares are down two percent.

Tivo has had only one profitable quarter since 2009. the patent lawsuits are in the past.

They will have to turn more to the innovation sign -- side.

Dsw, reporting an adjusted profit of $.97 a share.

Analysts say the products are resonating right now with customers.

At&t is down a fraction as the company announces it will be selling a nokia lumia for 99.99. at that price, you have to assume they are subsidizing.

Less money for at&t. number five is jcpenney, it is down two percent.

Its biggest investor plans to sell its entire stake in the struggling department store operator.

The move comes two weeks after ackman resigns from the jcpenney board.

He should stay away from retail.

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