Who Is Satya Nadella and Why Is He Microsoft’s CEO?

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Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Kurt Delbene, former president at Microsoft Office, and Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky discuss Microsoft’s choice of Satya Nadella as its new CEO on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Within the company?

I spent a lot of time working with him over the years.

Obviously my division, being very closely related to his own, spent a lot of time working through what are our relative plans.

I think he is a good choice.

He's that rare combination of very strong technologist as well as somebody who has a strong vision, focus, and business focus.

I wouldn't think of him as someone who just focuses on the technology.

It is about how we bring the technology to market and how we actually transform the business as a result.

He worked on azure, driving the strategy for ford.

He has a great track record and has done a lot for the company.

How did he get the job?

, i'm not sure i am the person to ask.

I think he is a natural person for the role.

I read what you read in the press.

It was a discussion of whether you want somebody internally or looking at strong candidates externally.

I think he is a great internal candidates and knows the business super well.

He is on board with that.

He has a very strong relationship with the other leaders in the organization.

And yet he is not shy about challenging the status quo.

Paul, let me ask you, you and i were guessing it was in the della for a while there.

What was it that you gave an insider the inside track?

Two things, one was -- ballmer was on the board.

This was like having evan jack on your board.

You are either going to make structural changes in the board -- you might as well have an internal candidate over an extra candidate.

I think he was one of the strongest candidates.

This is usually important -- if you look at its contribution it is huge.

It was a natural fit once you made that change.

Them a curt, let me ask you, having worked with him for two decades -- hurt, let me ask you, having worked with him for two decades was there any indication early on that this could ultimately be his destiny?

I don't know if there was any indication.

I thought he was always a strong leader in the organization for the reasons i said.

I also think he is a very good team builder and a person who can bring consensus where there is conflict.

If you look at what microsoft is looking for, i would say the situation over the last few years stands out as the guy who has the right talents for the job.

There are all these famous stories about microsoft fighting against microsoft.

You certainly let it in a strong way.

There have been some big choices of using outside software on the microsoft cloud.

How has he been able to navigate those things?

Can you give me an example?

I think the piece of it is the strength he has and the technology vision to begin with.

I guess there is an example i bring up about the discussions what role azure should play internally in our properties.

There was a real discussion with satya nadella about what is the real evolution after it comes on line.

That brought us closer together.

Here is a guy who can really work with us, find out what the right answer is, and make that happen.

I think that is a strong example.

As far is giving your conversation -- as your conversation with your sources, what is it they say that makes satya nadella successful?

Any executive should have strong vision and intellectual curiosity.

What is it that makes him special?

A couple of things, besides the idea of him being able to stand next to an area of growth and an area where microsoft can say we are making some inroads.

The second thing being his connection to the world of startups, the world of silicon valley, the world of where technology is going.

It goes together with his willingness and -- i go back to that comment of "ruthless" he made, the idea of being able to cut down some walls and shift around the politics of microsoft to get things done.

I wouldn't say that is a 1, 2, 3, nation that helped him get the job.

-- three combination that helped

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