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May 14 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Joel Rosenblatt reports on the judge who has overseen some of tech’s most controversial cases. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Live from peer three in san francisco, welcome to bloomberg "west" where recover innovation, technology and the future of business.

I am emily chang.

Google glass makes it available to everyone, at least anyone who has $1500 to spare.

The self rhyming car hitting the roads in urban areas and all of those robots acquisitions, is google becoming a hardware company?

The stretch of specific post where that has -- coast where whether he was illegally keeping the public off the beach.

His bizarre testimony.

Senators include a carl -- including carl levin and john mccain pushing for online user data.

A senate committee will hold a meeting tomorrow over concerns that companies are collecting data about people unknowingly and using it for advertising purpose.

The iphone market share in japan soared in the year ending this march, up there to 6.6% from just over 20er 25% the year before.

Japan's largest wireless carrier began carrying the iphone last fall.

Samsung has issued a rare public apology, saying it will compensate workers who got cancer after working in the semi conductor plant.

Dozens of former workers say they have contacted -- contracted leukemia and other blood related cancers after being exposed to chemicals.

Samsung fell short of acknowledging the connection between cancers and chemicals used at its plant.

Google opening its glass doors after opening of sales of google glass to the public for one day last month.

The company now letting anyone by google glass as well -- long as they're willing to sell out $1500 a pair.

This comes as google is making other ventures into hardware.

The self driving car being tested in urban areas.

Then a question of what google plans to do with the robot companies it has purchased.

Joining me to discuss it heat patch all in new york.

I have a pair of glass of my own.

-- pete patchell.

It is not the full on consumer launch, but now anyone can buy them.

I think this part of what they continued -- started last month with having it available for one day.

Up until now the main people with glass have been marketers, people who have the big interest in self or motion.

I think google really wants more regular people, people who want pictures of their kids and share them and help word of mouth for the product in that way.

You are wearing glass, i am wearing glasses and has cool features but i did not find myself reaching for it all the time.

It is like a new habit that has to be developed.

It is funny, i was wearing glass once and asked someone for the time and they looked at me like you are wearing google glass and do not know the time.

There is a habit you need to get into.

Once you do, it does have a lot to offer, particularly when you want to take autographs and share them quickly.

When other apps come, instagram will probably happen at some point although nothing has been announced, i think it will be much more natural.

There have been quick charitable moments that you can capture and share that after you do them once or twice it becomes very why wouldn't i want this on my face?

I have had people tell me they do not think it will ever go mainstream.

Do you think this will be for a select group of tech hobbyists or more use in the enterprise system or do you think regular consumers will want to buy this?

Enterprise certainly.

They have a very strong interest in this type of product because it having this access is a proven thing.

Very helpful for many professions.

For the mainstream, i think they wanted to go mainstream.

I really think google needs to do a rethink on the design.

One thing about glass, it kind of looks like a segway on your face.

It attracts a certain amount of attention.

Two or three asked me about it on the way here.

It is a telegraph you are wearing it allergy.

I think in subsequent generations i think google will want to dial back the often tasteless design.

Then i think you will have something mainstream.

I have to say i am hesitant to wear them in public.

Brian womack joining us on the phone.

He just took the test drive in the google driverless car.

Obviously they have been testing the cars now for years.

I have driven and one of them myself three years ago.

What is it like today?

Very smooth.

They wanted to show them off to reporters yesterday because they have really been tackling the issue of getting them to work on surface streets.

Not just freeways but surface streets.

Navigating the yellow, red lights all those things.

When i was in there it did a pretty good job.

I was impressed.

More gentle than i might have expected.

When i wrote in the car three years ago it was a little bumpy.

The breaking was a little abrupt.

Would you say this is closer to being ready for prime time?


Good and bad.

There was one stop where it was such a nice soft stop.

Very well done.

The drivers ed teacher would have been proud of you.

There was another time where it gave a lot of following distance to the car in front of us because of other issues going on around a railroad track which i do not think most of us would get that much space.

There is a lot of progress here, but it is not perfectly analogous to a human driver yet.

How does this all line up?

Driverless cars, google glass, robot companies for my day becoming more of a hardware company?

I should mention motive -- motorola mobility did not work out so well.

That is true.

I think hardware is secondary to the bigger page -- picture that larry page sees.

He is a big ambitious project type of guy.

These all sort of reflect that.

By that nature you will get more into hardware.

With motorola a very complicated thing.

It has to do with patents and licensing ip.

They did not want to become just focused on cell phones.

That kind of thing will be part of what they do, not the whole picture.

I know that google is speaking with automakers about self driving cars.

Can you give us an up date on these discussions?

They were not forthcoming with the lot of details but they did say we are having talks of driverless cars with auto manufacturers.

This is still a ways off.

Still talking about four-year time horizons yesterday.

A lot to be talked about and worked through before these things hit the mainstream.

Brian womack and pete patchell, thank you both for joining us.

Well, she has become the face of justice in silicon valley.

Lucy coe has presided over cases involving some of the biggest tech titans involving samsung and apple but who wish he really?

That is next on bloomberg "wes t." ? i am emily chang and this is bloomberg 'we"west." a senate report out today looks at online advertising and cyber attacks and what companies like google and yahoo!

Should be doing about it.

It says the complexity of online advertisement networks exit hard to stop online malware attacks.

Industry self-regulation has not been enough to ensure security.

Make and use is with us now.

What can you tell us about today's report?

The name of the game, malve rtising.

It points to growth in mainstream sites and what we are seeing, sites like the new york times, san francisco chronicle all hosting advertised malware.

That is the big problem, sometimes not even requiring additional clicks.

Right now the consumer largely pays the price.

It reports shifting that price to the industry.

They are very committed and cyber attack.

They need to know who is on the website.

They need to know who the hope -- who they are going through and who can take advantage of the opening to provide malware.

The report concludes that new efforts that self-regulation within the industry should be the first step.

Self-regulation would be the ideal.

Also the industry's best interest according to senator mccain.

If it does not work it looks at actions by the ftc and congress.

Coming on the heels of the presidential review on big data that are commended congressional action.

We're hearing the drumbeat for regulation coming out from the white house and now congress.

Is the report laming the industry for allowing the attacks?

It is not blaming them but certainly saying the industry may be more capable of dealing with this than your average consumer.

Mccain specifically pointed to google and yahoo!. he's pointed specifically to an attack on the yahoo!

Network right after christmas when a lot of employees were off from work.

He said it involved using people's computers to generate a coin.

He said the industry needs to take more responsibility, not necessarily laming them.

What are we expecting?

Tomorrow we will hear the industry perspective on all of this.

We will hear from the chief information officer ayako.

We will hear from the senior product manager at google, george salem.

We will also hear from regulators.

The federal trade commission and different advertising group.

And also the self-regulating body.

The big question we are addressing tomorrow, can be industry really police itself and deal with the problem or does the government need to step in?

Excuse me.


May confuse in washington.

-- megan hughes in washington.

Now to the woman who could be called the face of justice.

Judge lucy coe has overseen some of text most controversy oh trials.

She is overseen the three-year patent infringement battle between apple and samsung.

But who is she?

Joel rosenblatt joins me here in the studio.

You have been inside her courtroom for many days over the past several years.

What is it like to be in harcourt firm -- and her courtroom?

It is interesting because these trials are sometimes very dull.

Covering very technical deal of -- details.

There comes a time when she issues a ruling or indicates which way she is going to go and those moments are very interesting if you're covering the trial.

She has a very candid way of expressing herself.

Told tell me about the time she told an attorney it sounded like he was smoking crack.

She was tired.

Toward the end of the first trial.

She had the impression that lawyers were adding work to her and her staff, adding paperwork for her to get through.

She told him you have to be smoking crack if you think i am going to do this.

That is an interesting thing to say.

It is not what you would expect.

She just speaks her mind.

In many ways va very plainspoken.

She is a brilliant judge dealing with high-level issues in technology but speaks about it and address it it in a very plainspoken way.

Are the attorneys differential?

They are.

There are many women on both sides of the case.

Various senior positions.

The trial lawyers are men.

The ones doing the closing arguments and opening arguments.

There are more men than women.

It is interesting to see a woman handle the personalities.

They treat her with the utmost respect.

They know who they are dealing with.

Judge lucy coe appointed by president obama, correct?


Apple and samsung both been found to of branched -- a fringe.

We are waiting on that ruling.

But thank you so much.

Thank you.

The sam some c voice of the body will take place may 28 in san francisco.

The event says it will be a new conversation around the future of health but no other details about what samsung plans to announce.

Coming up, more of bloomberg "west." do you hate grocery shopping?

You are in luck with the new service planning to deliver groceries in as little as an hour.

? welcome back to bloomberg "west." i am emily chang.

A batch of companies big and small are angling to disrupt the business of food shopping.

We spent the day with an ambitious young startup looking to outsource your trip to the local supermarket.

He used to be an engineer at amazon.

Now going head to head with amazon's grocery business, amazon fresh, with his own fresh approach.

We do not have her own warehouse, trucks or use services to fedex and ups to do the delivery.

We do that all in-house.

Le customers order groceries through the apple or website and get the incoming order and then hustle them to you in as little as an hour.

Today florida is filling an order at the rainbow grocery co-op.

The shopping list, organic apples, carbonated water and pretzels.

Online grocery deliver is nothing new.

To keep costs low, instant acart relies on low-cost providers.

Today's order is heading to a local startup.

We use it at work ready regularly.

Getting snacks for the team.

Cheese, yogurt.

Delivery ranges from four dollars to $15 if you need your groceries in an hour.

Drivers can earn up to $25 per hour depending on the workload.

Fax it is a flexible job.

You choose your own hours.

Raising upwards of $11 million from big-name venture firms.

Currently delivering in big cities like san francisco, new york and l.a.. we plan to be in every major city in the united states by the end of the year.

How is this for necessity?

The ceo said he created the service because he did not have a car himself and therefore, needed a way to get his own groceries delivered.

Alibaba could become one of the largest tech ipos in history.

Speaking to one of the companies first investors.


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