Who Is HSN's Mobile Customer?

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Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) -- HSNI CEO Mindy Grossman discusses the company's digital presence with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Ralph lauren, and tommy hilfiger.

Mindy grossman, it is always a pleasure to see you.

Let's talk about digital.

I know last month ages and i -- hsni reported a surge in digital sales.

Seven percent -- 7% at hsn.

What is behind your digital strategy?

What we look at ciber every day.

We have a 365 day digital platform.

We use our marketing roles of television and catalogs to drive to that platform to create engagement, to create content and use that as leverage.

We have the most video centric site that exists in e-commerce.

People absolutely want to have an experience and connect with the product not just in a live broadcast but also when they are online.

They can get ideas.

They can get information.

They can get entertainment and know about the product.

We know that if she or he -- come on.

I appreciate that.

That conversion will be that much higher.

We had a businesses.

Seven then larger than by catalog as a marketing vehicle and a just and is -- hsn is television.

We have virtual books.

I say i want to look at shoes or purses or whatever and there are all these videos that have been stored of different products you have sold.


We are creating more and more unique is still content.

The whole idea is how can you make the experience as engaging and capable.

What is the problem with that?

Do you use some elements for the live show and have them online?

As soon as the live show is finished, that particular segment immediately goes on to the product and web page.

In addition we are creating content.

You will have the recipes and shut him product demonstration.

You can create the experience as if you were on an epicurean site.

What are they using?

Are they using iphones are ipads?


Over 40% of our digital traffic came from a tablet and smart phones.

Customers are becoming more and more comfortable buying directly from the smartphone.

You can connect with them immediately.

You can give them idea of discovery of whether it is promotion ordeals or just unique hard up -- products.

It is the most personal device you own.

Why would new create as much engagement as possible with them?

There are so many other different aspects with tight ends for movies.

Live concerts.

You're doing this with jamie blithe -- mary j. blige.

It is all about engagement and experience.

What are they?

How are you creating moments for appointments regardless of what device someone is watching?

How can you create uniqueness?

In addition to the mary j. blige concert which was fabulous, we launched keith urban with guitars and learn to play.

20,000 guitars in approximately five hours.

Is this the mobile site?

Streamed live across every platform.

You were getting fantastic unique proprietary products, a great story of how you're going to bring music in your home, your children, your family.

You are getting an incredible storyteller who is passionate about what he was doing.

The up intensity was there.

-- the authenticity was there.

We have to use platforms to create that engagement.

In retail today, that is what differentiates.

It cannot just be -- it is a lifestyle.

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