Who Is Alleged Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto?

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March 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bitcoin Shop CEO Charles Allen and Bloomberg's Carter Dougherty discuss a Newsweek magazine report that alleges the creator of Bitcoin is a 64-year-old Japanese-American man living in the Los Angeles area. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

We now know that the ben bernanke of bitcoin -- what's the implications and secrecy was so much a part of the whole deal?

Lex i don't think there is a huge implication for bitcoin going forward.

It's almost -- his privacy is something that was important to him and now it's out there, assuming it was him.

That's in the past and there have been tons of start up companies invest in the bitcoin space and now they are trying to build it into a larger ecosystem.

It's an interesting piece and that's about it.

Part of bitcoin's appeal.

How does it feel as a government employee question were i did not find a lot of outrage that he worked for the government like semi-people have.

The outraged did tend to be focused on the media and violating the privacy of someone who clearly wanted to remain anonymous.

They tend to emphasize that point that charles does -- that charles just did.

The bitcoin source code has been rewritten since what was originally wrote.

That can't be changed substantively without a broad consensus of the network.

It has moved beyond him, however fascinating the man's story can be.

It is fascinating.

What is particularly fascinating if not downright upsetting is that the fact they have not said where the $400 million worth of bitcoin actually went.

Are we ever going to get to the bottom of that?

It is unfortunate and we will all have to watch to see how it lays out.

Doesn't it undermine the very legitimacy of this whole thing?

Wax to -- to some extent, yes.

But also raises the bar to improve on it.

There are tons of issues in the.com industry and with any new technology, there are hiccups and you learn from it and move forward.

I would have liked to have seen this happen earlier, but it happened when it happened.

What has been the reaction of your customers over the last month or so?

Obviously, when bitcoin goes down, we find people less eager to shop.

If you bought it at $100 m a r worth 1000, you are more likely to spend money.

The consumer behavior, if you are holding it like an asset -- four bitcoin to be used like a currency, volatility needs to come out of the market.

We are trying to position ourselves to be the leader in the e-commerce space and get into other spaces of interest in the ecosystem so when the volatility stabilizes that we are a leader the group.

You have written a lot of articles for bloomberg.

Back in december, we were mystified at charmed by the whole thing -- as you talk to your network of that point faithful, have they changed in the way they talk about bitcoin to you?

They have changed in the sense that they talk more about it as a problem to be solved rather than a vision to be filled.

They think it can exist and serve useful purposes, but now it gets down to building the infrastructure, the exchanges, figuring out the regulations and security, the things that would make it function pragmatically.

You tend to hear a little less, but not too much, the utopian visions of bitcoin replacing the dollar and change the world.

People want to make money and that faction of bitcoin is growing.

Bitcoin obviously going through some growing pains.

Charles allen and our very own

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