Who Are MIT Tech Review's Top Innovators Under 35?

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Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Jason Pontin, editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review, discusses the publication's annual "35 Under 35 Innovators" list with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

The editor in chief of the tech review is with us now.

Jason, thank you for joining us.

Excited to have you with us to discuss this list.

On the cover of the magazine, i know i'm in the list is out, the magazine comes out in september -- and created a digital payment system that is a potential disruption to paypal, visa.

Is that the most important factor for you when choosing this list them of potential disruption factor?

Disruptions are always very exciting things, but for all the innovators have in common is they are all looking at big game -- big intractable problems that no one thought to be solved and finding an elegant solution.

Destruction is right, it expands human possibilities and grows well, matching us do something entirely normal.

That is how we choose innovators.

He has said himself that it has certainly not been seamless.

He has been on a program with me and said that it was very clunky and had to overcome a lot, but entrepreneurs are usually pretty honest about let's just say the lack of seamless ness from the bottom to the top.

Ben is a really good example.

In their first six months they did $1 billion in transactions for 250,000 consumers, but that took three years and in the first two years they were signing up individual bank after individual bank and in the first year they only did $3 million in transactions.

No one thought that this was a good business model.

Recall a couple of years ago square launched the one thing they did not want to try to do was to replace the back-to-back transaction system.

But they have an extraction layout that is better for banks, credit cards, and consumers.

A radical approach.

Kind of like that old joke, the 10-year overnight success.

Which brings me to the founder of the pebble smart watched.

We have been talking about this wearable technology and how it might change the world.

Colin graham's said that if you were looking for the next likely steve jobs, erik is it.

The founder of turtle.

We all love paul gray, but though -- but it is worth pointing out that no real money was raised for pebble.

What gave them a shot at success was to put themselves up on kicks starter, raising $10 million in funding, giving them the development funds to create what we believe will be the first miniature practical example -- practical example of wearing a computer.

But it is difficult for us to imagine people wearing google glass in social settings outside of silicon valley, but they watch is something we are used to glancing at.

People need access to alert, information about the internet, the kind of quarter itself but wearable computing can provide.

This is the first of the new generation of non-socially intrusive wearable computers.

But apple has a device coming out as well.

He will have to be on his guard, apple is a hard company to compete with.

He was sick of his roommate -- of his alarm -- of his own driving him crazy.

That is when he thought about putting it on his watch . exactly.

They have very sick -- very strict bicycle laws over there.

Up the worst idea in the world.

New yorkers can attest.

Because he is canadian, you also have a french national in the lab.

How important is it that there is a range of rationality as well?

One-third of the women are africans on the list.

Many chinese, many indians, but we do not choose people on the basis of diversity.

This takes us about one year and there is a nomination process and a storied group of judges.

From an international process of elimination, we receive 1000 names.

We then argue about it in the editorial offices for six months.

If the list is diverse, it is not because you choose a global enterprise and we think that the solutions will not necessarily come from silicon valley callan new york, to see the innovation economy itself.

Simple, the best, revelations

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