Who Are Global Auto Sales' Winners and Losers?

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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Auto Columnist Jason Harper examines the global auto market as U.S. sales pick up while Europe reaches a 17-year low. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Let's talk about the companies that make the fancy cars.

Who is winning right now?

Fiat is finally -- their alliance with weissler is looking like a good thing.

-- with chrysler is looking like a good thing.

Chrysler needed cf, now fiat needs chrysler.

We'll see fiat models because they have excess capacity.

Some of the alpha romeo, some of these models.

What about the germans?

Mercedes, bmw, audi, who is winning at that game?

B&w, audi , and mercedes are all doing so well here.

What happens is they are no longer so concerned with europe, they are looking at china.

I think what we will really see is further emphasis on asia where lamborghini, these companies which have small -- they don't make them any production models anyway, are going to send those models to china.

They're looking at developing models that they don't care about europe -- what about this divergence between he u.s. and europe.

What we saw is ford sales in europe are on the mend, while gm's are doing worse than the overall market.

To scarlet point, how are the different strategies paying off in different ways for these guys?

If you look at cadillac, some of the higher end models from gm, you look at ford, ford has got a bunch of great, small cars that are selling in the real market here.

They have done a really good job at the focus and fiesta that are really nice cars.

Gm's lower end cards are not that interesting.

A lot of the cars are rooted in opal, it is no longer a brand people want to be associated.

They suck a lot of estimates of of opal.

It is not quite happened.

And a second-guessed themselves, so they do not really have a plan.

I have the aspirational urge, robert albertson, help me out, i thought a white maserati turn from 60th onto fifth avenue, and this kid is just like damn, that is a good looking car.

That is still out there.

It is.

In france, there's not that much interest in car ownership thisese days.

For some reason, the french are not into cars anymore.

We are having the same problem in the u.s. to a certain extent where teens are not so into cars as we were.

It is more of like a we want the latest technology, and that it -- and it is not about the car.

Asians are very into cars.

Very much so.

The bentleys, the rolls- royce is, cars to be driven in, not cars to drive.

Whited out he do so well in china?

They got -- why does audi do so well in china?

They got an early.

Bmw is not.

I didn't see a bloomberg "surveillance" maserati.

Jason harper, thank you so much.

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