White House Won't Bargain Over Debt Limit

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Oct. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Cook and Phil Mattingly update the latest news on the U.S. government shutdown and debt-ceiling negotiations. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)


There are no breakers over the weekend, but a lot of activity.

Our team is on top of every development.

Phil mattingly and peter cook are live.

Peter, let's start with you.

The focus is on the senate.

It appears the ball is in mitch mcconnell and harry reid's court.

What are they doing with it?

They are talking with each other.

The two have not spoken all that much about these kinds of issues, but it is the two leaders in the senate who talked over the weekend.

Harry reid said it was a positive constructive conversation and they continue to talk today.

We do not have a breakthrough.

They are trying to achieve some sort of deal that funds at the government and gives republicans something.

They want to put a deal on the table that they can except as well.

It is a bleak columbus day for john boehner.

What is he doing today?

He is watching the action in the senate.

He is waiting for word of what is going to be coming his way.

If they have a deal, does he put it on the floor knowing that he is going to have to pass it with democratic votes?

Something that has something in there for his members, but not so onerous for his -- you are live in front of the white house.

Many people are saying what is obama doing?

We watched it on tv friday.

It sounds like he will become couple with an extension.

Wall street saying what is obama doing?

I think he recognizes negotiations are in the senate.

He has full faith and trust in harry reid.

One of the stories about this process is how little daylight there is between the white house and senate democrats.

They have been in lock step.

White house officials tell me they feel comfortable with the position that harry reid has been in during these negotiations.

I want to bring peter back in.

Who is watching the markets closely and treasury?

We need to know that d.c. is.

The treasury makes the case that they are always watching the markets.

There is a full-time staff in the treasury department keeping an eye on markets.

They are paying more attention with -- there was a telephone call between senior treasury officials and the head of the asian market open.

They are continuing to follow the markets this morning.

We have not seen a huge reaction, but i can tell you members of congress are waiting to see when it happens.

They are asking me what is going on in markets and what is it going to take before we see reaction overseas.

The treasury department is tuned in.

We want action.

Thank you, peter cook.

Thank you, phil mattingly.

The stalemate continues in washington.

Whether it is shut down or

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