Obama Mulls Drone Strikes or Air Strikes on Iraq

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June 16 (Bloomberg) -- Phil Mattingly reports on U.S. options for the crisis in Iraq on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This over at the white house.

Secretary of state john kerry, in an interview with yahoo!

News, stated that among the options are definitely drone strikes.

We know the administration has put drones out to start gathering intelligence in an area where they were dark, at least leading up to that point.

The other question coming, the other thing you heard from republican lawmakers, airstrikes.

Obviously a broader escalation things.

We know the iraqi government has requested them.

Whether we get to that point is still an open question.

The in that interview with john kerry he mentioned the embassy is pretty act -- pretty adequate.

I imagine they're very conscious of having another -- of not having another benghazi trance -- benghazi tragedy.

All you have to do is look at this weekend to underscore that.

The administration has started to draw down on staffing levels.

They also sent marines to baghdad.

The administration officials say this is purely precrash neri.

They don't believe the embassy is in any danger.

Very sensitive in the wake of benghazi in terms of how their assets are treated internationally.

I think you will see them pull out all the stops to ensure this embassy in baghdad is completely protect the computer m of the u.s. and iran have a shared interest -- this is an interesting thing we have to keep an eye on.

Secretary kerry in that interview just a few minutes ago said the u.s. is definitely open to talks with iran.

The republican lawmakers have pointed to hawks like senator lindsey graham.

Take a listen to what he had to say this weekend.

Iranians have an interest.

They have populations to protect.

You need to only sure baghdad does not fall.

-- we all need to make sure baghdad doesn't fall.

The don't use this crisis as a way to create a satellite state of iraq controlled by iran.

Important to note shared interests and the grand scheme of things, the u.s. and iran have different goals on what they would like iran to look like.

The we did hear from an iranian spokesperson who said there was not any interest on the array and -- on the iranian side to have a talks.

The americans and iranians are in intense nuclear negotiations right now.

Potential that there could be talks on the periphery of those negotiations as well.

Phil mattingly, our white house correspondent treated -- correspondent.

Aafter large-scale defections from the iraqi army, which the u.s. built from scratch, we looked into american spending on other countries militaries in today's big questions.

How much does the u.s. fund foreign armies.

Across northern iraq, islamists

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