White Diamond Sells for Record $30.8M at Sotheby’s

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- A gemstone sold for HK$238.68 million ($30.8 million) in Hong Kong, the most paid for a white diamond at auction, as more records tumbled at Sotheby’s. Su Keenan reports on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Latest with the poison pill provision?

It is designed to fend off the investor, taking a nine percent stake, in need of restoration, all but promising in his latest finding for proxy fight next year.

We will see of southern bees can still hold record-setting auctions.

White diamond of this weekend, pretty impressive.

It was one of the series from the hong kong office in a five day marathon.

It is a flawless white diamond, the largest of its kind.

It is 118 carats, two bidders battled it out over the phone and it was over in six minutes, when the gavel came down.

Six minutes is quick for a rock that size.

Setting records for artist?

They said that this was a reflection of the ton of demand.

One of the records was hit by a well-known chinese artist, it is called the last supper.

We should point out that this was a well attended auction, collectors from all over asia, the u.s., and europe, underscoring the strength of the asian market, which southern bees has been trying to tap into.

Su keenan, thank you very much.

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