Whistlepig Whisky CEO: What I Got From Donald Trump

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Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Raj Bhakta, CEO and founder of Whistlepig Whiskey discusses how he broke into the high-end spirits industry and the business lessons he took from appearing on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" show.

Such a crowded market.

Actually, in our area it is virtually uncontested.

Literally no old rye whiskey.

Over 10 years old.

Anything with an aged statement.

When you look at american whiskeys, traditionally you do not see an aim statement on the bottle.

Which is why the high end of whiskey -- would you these explain why my youngest child is sending $72. like she has a real eye for value.

What he is getting at is distinction.

What sets it apart from really good competition?

It is really simple.

We have never in the united states allowed whiskey to age long enough to meet the full potential.

At 10 years old, there is no one else in the market who has an old rye.

Given enough time, better than any single malt scotch out there.

This is not in barrels.

You are putting it in bottles.

Lex we are aging it in barrels.

It is clear in goes into the barrel and spends 10 years in the barrel before comes out and goes into a bottle.

Overlooking middle barry college.

How do you fight the kentucky mystique?

Rye whiskey is northeastern.

Kentucky is fueled by corn, which makes bourbon.

It is the country's original whiskey that went into hibernation after prohibition.

The truth is that rye was the nation's strength before prohibition.

It is now making a comeback.

It was the nation's strength.

Mold of the nation.

-- milk of the nation.

Lex rye is in connecticut.

Field of rye.

You are a font of whiskey knowledge.

You were on the second season of the apprentice.

What did you learn from donald trump that you applied to whiskey pig?

The core lesson, if you have a great product, you have to be able to talk about it and convey it to the public.

In the case of whistle pig, it is the highest rated y -- rye ever in the country.

It has not been that much of a challenge.

Is there and -- less sugar?

The truth is all alcohol by content has the same amount of sugar.

As long as you do not put sugar into the drink, which there is nothing added, straight out of the barrel, straight rye whiskey.

In the lease -- individually selected from the best there'll's. what we're seeing is the resurgence of the american whiskey where it is competing successfully force cult -- scotch malts.

I feel so much like even our.

-- like even our and.

-- like ethan allen.

There is a connection here to

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