Which Tech Companies Are Hiring in the Midwest?

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Aug. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Venture for America Founder and CEO Andrew Yang discusses tech jobs, education and startups in the Midwest on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Great to have you with us.

Dan gilbert has invested $1.5 million in your fund.

That's right.

He is one of our biggest earners, particularly given what he's doing in detroit.

[he's a great champion for us.

-- he is a great champion for us.

What do you guys do?

We recruit great minds from universities and we train them.

We had 10 times as many applicants as before, about 1000 410 spots.

-- for 10 spots.

You can train to become the ceo of your own company.

What sort of companies are hiring?

In detroit, there is an organization working on noble energy sources.

There is a company that is working on new cell phone design . an engineer from john hopkins is heading there.

Five of our graduates are heading to detroit, starting their own company founded in part by people like dan.

Is this just detroit or are you talking about other cities?

We now operate in 12 cities.

On the day that you come, "usa today" came out with a table of some of the highest grossed jobs, the counties saying the fastest growth in tech jobs.

As you can imagine, san francisco is number one.

San mateo is number two.

Santa clara is number three.

Then you have madison county, alabama, and in utah county, utah.

Then it goes all over.

It drives home the point that the top three places growing jobs are still in california, in that area.


It's no surprise.

Startups are difficult.

You need a few things to make them flourish.

Team and talent is number one.

Second and third are financial capital and product markets it.

We team and talent can drive markets because with the right people in place, investors will come.

So how do you lure to a place like cleveland or detroit?

Is it throwing money at them?

Venture for america, we cannot match the salaries that other firms are offering, but we offer a chance to build something, which is something young people desperately want to learn how to do.

Eq joined venture for america, you get trained by a top firm and then you can become part of the ground level of a new firm.

Over the next couple of years, you learn how something gets built, and then the tension restart your own.

It's a very appealing food for people that want to be entrepreneurs.

What is their obligation to you?

Their commitment is to work in detroit or cleveland or baltimore with the entrepreneur you have been matched with 42 years.

If you do that successfully, you can be eligible for other benefits.

The biggest problem for companies based there and are trying to improve?

Obviously they are trying to get the talent, but what are some of the other issues?

People don't know that these opportunities exist.

There are really interesting companies in detroit and cleveland -- they are just not on anyone's radar.

Yes, it is expensive to put the advertisement out there.

Thank you for joining us,

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