Which Questions Must Twitter’s IPO Roadshow Answer?

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Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Cristina Alesci examines Twitter’s IPO roadshow and which questions they need to answer to assure investors. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Smart people will ask twitter and will they want to answer it?

There are strategic questions about ways to monetize the model . also, very practical questions here.

Not just about the meetings with fidelity and blackrock.

Also about meetings with the institutional investors who are already invested.

What is jpmorgan going to do?

They own 10-12% of the company.

There are really three questions.

How will they monetize?

What can you do beyond advertising?

What is the plan retail-wise, and what will you do about the soaring research and development cost.

We want to see this with early stage companies him about what happened going forward?

Lex i am onto my rubber chicken.

There is another guy in the back row with his hand up going like this.

The ugly question is what is your commitment from your earlier investors in the long term?

Will they be in it for the long- term.

This company was sold by venture capital firms.

The management team really relied on those guys like spark capital and union square.

What is the motivation to stay in the stock now?

These guys are economic animals, financially driven.

Investors will want to know what the private ones want to do.

Is this such a big deal because it is a tech stock?

Or is this a company with potential that real investors are interested in?

Real investors right now are interested in growth.

Anything that has a growth story will see interest from investors because they are not getting it anywhere else.

When you look across the array of options, go to investment grade debt?


It will be in the growth companies.

The question is, are you being rewarded for the risk?

We have seen a tremendous run-up in tech stocks are us year.

Last year it is up over 400%. how much more run room is their?

That is the question twitter executives have right now.

Our guest host for the hour, gilbert harrison.

An investment bank focused on retail.

I know you look at apple from a retail perspective, they made a big, splashy hire as ahead of retail operations.

Is she the one that can get growth back into apple?

She is a great retail and apparel executive.

I first met her 20 years ago when she was a liz claiborne.

Then she took over as ceo at berg very.

She did a remarkable job in terms of intent viewing their growth.

I think it is an interesting, unique choice.

Le is there a good match?

Berg very continues to communicate the shareholders and employees.

Every time she makes any kind of announcement, she goes to every store, every employee can take a look at their iphone, computer

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