The Jobs Most Likely to Be Replaced by Robots

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April 4 (Bloomberg) -- Alix Steel reports on jobs that are at risk and can be replace by software and automation. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Alec still joins us now with more.

-- alix steel joins us now with more.

Alec scummy sat down with these economists who shed some light on the changing labor market.

It depends on what your job is.

We may not be worried in the media industry.

Some people should be.

There was a study out of the oxford that estimated low-wage jobs were being replaced by robots.

Technology has always been destroying jobs.

It is always creating jobs.

We need to look for ways to use technology to not just substitute or automate work but also to augment what people can do.

A more longer-term optimistic view on technology.

They did it knowledge the ship could widen the income gap in the short term.

A large part of the workforce needs to be retrained for different types of jobs.

A sense of what jobs were lost?

Manufacturing make sense.

Administrative workers.

The university of oxford also found that service jobs were was at risk.

Look at dishwasher dobbs.

Sales, construction -- look at housing.

You can build houses and a controlled environment using iran a robot.

The jobs that are more creative or need a certain degree of social intelligence would be considered sacred.

A biologist or a fashion designer.

-- would be considered safer.


Emotional connection -- all of the qualities that they talked

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