Which Company Had the Biggest Tech Flop of 2013?

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Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Nick Thompson examines the biggest technology flops of 2013 on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

And it flopped.

There was a moment early this year when i thought it was the rejuvenation of blackberry when the stock came up.

We have been talking about it falling apart.

It's a very sad story.

They are experiencing rain drain by losing their cfo and other executives.

People are talking about what kind of value about breaking it up.

It was a fire sale for a couple of months ago about selling patents.

There is a final chance and this is a company that missed android and the iphone and got crushed.

What about a company like samsung and smart watches?

This was hyped but overhyped?

Samsung has had a great couple of years.

They put out their smart watch.

They thought this would be amazing and it turns out it does not really work and it looks weird.

It's a little too expensive.

This has to be the single gadget that flopped the most.

How many people are wearing them?

I haven't seen anyone wearing them.

Do you believe you cannot succeed without flopping?

If you put out enough tech products, you will flop with some of them.

The first thing in the marketplace does not have to flop.

Look at the apple iphone.

The smart watch did not have to flop.

We will eventually have smart watches that work that it might be longer than we thought.

It reinforces the perception that samsung is good at copying but not necessarily good at innovating.

That's partly why they pushed the smart watch out early.

49 weeks ago, i saw a surface but i have yet to see another one.

I saw one in miami beach.

You sort of wanted it to succeed.

It is good if there is a more competitive tablet market and it sold like 400 million in the last quarter and apple sold 15 billion.

It was an interesting product but it did not really fit together and they did not have a customer and microsoft has not been great at building it.

Microsoft bought the handset business of knock nokia.

Does that fit together?

It probably was a good idea.

It gives them a chance to compete in the phone market and gives nokia a lifeline.

There was integration between the two companies.

In some ways, microsoft seems like a flop for the year.

The stock is actually up for the first time in a long time because steve ballmer is leaving.

Software or concept flops count as well.

Patch is where it is at microsoft and they held on and last week they said enough of this.

Do you see more next year?

Do they continue with experiments?

Technology is relatively easy to start or end a new idea and we will see things come out and some collapse.

Thank you for giving us the three worst tech flops of 2013. a foreign-exchange report -- what will the fed due to the dollar?

The indonesian ruopea, 12,105. a much weaker indonesian

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