Fox-TWX Deal: What Companies Are Impacted?

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman and Cory Johnson examine the companies impacted by a possible Twenty-First Century Fox and Time Warner deal. They speak on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What is time warner inc.


Like these are largely television-related businesses.

They both obviously have film operations but this is largely a play on the future of television.

If you look at where is foxx sits.

You have two massive deals taking place.

Time warner cable being swallowed up by comcast.

We constantly talk about what that means for the channels, what kind of leverage they will have in the negotiations when they are trying to squeeze more fees out of the cable company.

If you look at some of the things foxx has been doing, trying to boost the value of their own brand.

This would be the extension of that.

Hbo, turner, some of the big brands that time warner would bring to the table, they can potentially have more like bridge.

You cannot leave silicon valley out of this discussion.

Silicon valley companies are pursuing their own content shortages.

Here they are, interested in going after time warner.

Just minutes ago, alex sherman reporting that time warner does not want to consider this while other potential suitors are busy doing other deals.

Comcast, trying to buy time warner cable.

Verizon, essentially, what do you make of the fact that they have rejected this out right?

It is hard to say that it means anything.

This could be a bidding proposal.

There is only so much the company can do.

There was the case of the existence of time warner itself when there was a higher bidder out there and they went to delaware chancellor record.

The attempted takeover time was tossed out and warner bros.

Got the gig.

I think fundamentally if the prices there, shareholders will demand it and that is the risk of being a public company.

They don't get to choose their own destiny, it's shareholders do.

Bus talk about rupert murdoch, if not the most ambitious media tycoon ever.

He has been planning this deal.

This would be a last feather in his cap.

Why does he want to do this and does it make sure to tick sense or is it about vanity?

I think he is big, he is bold.

The timing seems right.

If you think about where we are right now.

We explained the landscape, the reasons he might want to potentially do this.

To go public puts pressure on time warner to find an alternative.

They don't want to negotiate with foxx on a deal right now.

What are there alternatives?

You mentioned the reporting, because to potential interested parties may be in bidding for this asset are very busy in washington right now.

The timing seems right, it is opportunistic, strategic, and smart.

There is a way to build up your business.

We did not even talk about the international reach.

Both foxx and time warner have substantial assets overseas that are growing.

Jon erlichman, our senior west coast correspondent.

I want to bring in erik

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