Which Companies Are Driving Economic Growth?

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Ariel Investments CEO John Rogers discusses which companies are growing the economy. He speaks with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

What do you think is really driving growth in our economy?

Right now, weeping financial services companies will do extraordinarily well.

We think they will benefit from this recovery, benefit over the next 12 to 18 months in spectacular fashion as more deals get done.

Investment bankers are going to do well.

Private equity firms will do well.

It will be a great time for financial services.

That is a good thing overall.

Are there some specific companies that you are looking to, to help drive this growth?

Vecsey gets, there are fee services.

-- yes, there are fee services.

We look at kkr with 84 billion dollars under management.

We looked at real estate groups, companies like jones lang lasalle, and cbre group.

And there is no one better out there then lessard in boutique fannish fashion.

Why the difference from last year to this year?

Things got slow down, the deals from last year to this year.

People are a little more cautious, conservative.

We forget how tough things are globally, over in europe.

Now as we start getting more comfortable with the lower interest rates, kkr is well positioned.

As we talk about the financial rates, you cannot help but talk about jpmorgan, which is in the news with a $13 billion settlement with the government.

Any thoughts on jpmorgan and its future?

I think that jamie and the team will do a trophic job there.

It is well-positioned because it is global and so well diversified.

They will benefit from all of the things that happen in this economic recovery.

I would not bet against jamie and that board and management team.

Is that a fair comment about bank of america as well?

We are hearing that there may be some kind of settlement with bank of america as well.

I think it is very similar.

Brian monahan is also a terrific leader.

And of course, warren buffett is an institution -- is a leader in both those institutions.

Do not bet against warren.

He has an ability to see the future so clearly pulsed -- clearly.

You and i got a chance to sit down with "poker night on wall street." it premieres this wednesday at 9 p.m. you told me that you eat one meal a day every day at mcdonald's. a fascinating insight there.

Mcdonald's, of course, came out with members of -- numbers today.

I know you are a big believer in the management team.

Will they be able to turn it around?

I have a lot of confidence that -- in my board of directors at mcdonald's in the last 10 years or so.

It is one of the best govern companies in the world.

Extraordinary leadership.

We are long-term investors and we look at the long run.

As the director, i would not be commenting on the quarterly results, but i do believe in the long-term management and leadership of that organization.

I do love to go every day for breakfast.

And you like those french fries, too.

Maybe you could -- if you cannot comment on the company, how about your cholesterol?

And meal a day, seriously?

How was your cholesterol?

My cholesterol is fine.

Mcdonald's has something for everybody.

They really are ahead of the curve when it comes to nutrition and those tested things that are so important to today's society -- society.

As i mentioned to my did sit down with john on poker on wall street.

You are an amazing investor and a mate -- an amazing poker player.

What do you think the similarities are?

Quoted -- i wish i could say i'm an amazing poker player.

I've been playing over 40 years.

The similarities are that you have to be enormously patient as a poker player.

You have to understand that it is process versus outcomes.

And you can not just be out there taking a fly without having a reasoned approach to it all.

The idea of disciplined, being patient, those things aren't very important as -- are very important as a poker player as well as an investor.

Is there a sense of a calculated risk at the poker table, similar to investing?

It is very similar.

I would say that it is more art than science.

You do need to understand the odds.

But at the same time, you cannot be too stereotypical and be successful.

You have to have some imaginative ideas and make some imaginative plays on the poker table so that you do not come across as too predicable.

It is the same in investing.

Some pretty heavy hitters

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