Blizzard Driving: The Best Cars for Snowy Roads

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Jason Harper runs down the best cars for getting around in the snow on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

You are looking at a live shot of manhattan.

If you are just waking up, you will see it is covered in snow.

If you live in the northeast, you will have to drive in the snow at some point.

Bloomberg news columnist jason harper -- which car is best for navigating in these conditions?

All-wheel drive is great, as our tires that are good all- wheel drive tires.

There is no perfect car.

I spent a week with the lexus 350. it did a nice job in the snow.

However, i would not want -- what were the conditions like?

Today i have a range rover and that is a fantastic vehicle, and do you know how i got here?


True new yorker.

All-wheel drive is helpful, but not magical.

Take a lexus or a forrester, which is a great vehicle, all- wheel drive will help you, but it will not save you.

There is no miracle car out there, but in general, do you have tips?

The first is obviously slow down.

Slow down way earlier.

In the range rover i had a piece of gravel that was on ice and i split about 10 feet in the range rover.

You think you are impenetrable.

If you are stuck and you have to drive -- we were looking at a camaro that was stuck since 3:00 in the morning.

Start in second gear.

Do not grind on the gas.

People think it is not moving, push harder on the accelerator.

That does not work.

You can also put things on the rear and front tires.

Kitty litter helps.

If you are going out today, consider throwing some kitty litter in the back of your vehicle.

That will add traction if you get stuck.

Also, some warm clothes.

I like your subway man, but i am also a city girl, full disclosure.

You have one of the best jobs -- you get to drive all these new vehicles.

What is the coolest you have driven recently?

The coolest was a hybrid, a portion 918 -- a porsche 918 that is a super sports car.

It is also all-wheel drive, a hybrid, new technology that is very exciting.

What do you think of ford and the concept car next week with solar panels on the roof and the idea is you do not have to plug it in.

The tesla has panels on the roof.

It is a great thing.

You are saying technology filter down to brands like chrysler, gm and ford.

In 10 years, almost everything will be a hybrid in some form.

10 years.

What about design?

It is interesting to look at a brand like ford which take something old like a mustang and interprets it in modern ways.

Cars are culture.

It is architecture.

These are things that move us every day, so it is fun to see design move forward every day.

Ford is doing a great job as is hyundai and kia.

We can combine interesting cars you would not have found 20 years ago.

Cheap cars do not mean cheap.

Well said.

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