Tesla Model S: Consumer Reports’ Top Pick for 2014

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Feb. 25 (Bloomberg) –- Maryann Keller & Associates President Maryann Keller discusses Consumer Reports top automobile picks for 2014. She speaks to Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Winner for best overall vehicle.

How did this car distinction so from its peers?

You have to remember last year when consumer reports gave it the highest rating.

It is not a surprise that, a year later, with the experience of the car being on the road, it has continued to prove itself a superb car.

It is a well-engineered car and performs well in the people who own it love it.

The -- it was called a truly groundbreaking car.

Is that overstating the case or would you agree with that assessment?

Question many ways, it is.

Tesla has proven that people will buy and love an electric vehicle.

And in electric vehicle can have her formants as good as an internal combustion engine car.

And it is a beautiful car to boot.

You cannot fault it on too many things.

Clearly, that is reflected in how its owners perceive it.

How does this reshape or restart the dialogue over electric cars in this country?

It will if the price of the battery can come down to a point where it is affordable.

Remember that the average price of a car sold in the u.s. is somewhere around $31,000. and this car going out the door is probably closer to 90 thousand dollars.

So three times as expensive.

For it to really reshape the discussion on electric cars, you have to be able to think about a price point around $40,000. and you mentioned that price point, but tesla says it does expect money list deliveries to increase about 56% to 35,000 cars this year.

How much will the top model ranking raise the profile of tesla whose current market value is more than half that of gm?

I'm not sure that the valuation is just based on tesla success on cars.

Remember, that 35,000 mise shipments to china and europe and other overseas countries.

So not just in the u.s.. i think the recent run-up in the stock price come especially what you're saying today, is a reflection of a report that suggesting were -- suggesting tesla is about to revolutionize the industry.

Probably in terms of its size equal to our much greater than that of the auto industry.

Ok, we have given tesla is a do.

Talk to me about the dodge ram 1500. it was selected as the best pickup truck.

It is the first time that a chrysler vehicle has led one of the top 10 categories since 1998. and we are talking about the jeep grand cherokee.

Are we witnessing a resurgence by chrysler?

I think to some extent we are.

Not every chrysler has made the cut.

But they put a lot of effort into the ram pickup truck.

It has clearly gotten accolades for performance, for hauling, for design.

Obviously, it appeals to a wide enough segment of the pickup truck buyer market.

Considering it is in an incredibly competitive segment where the ford f-150 has been the top vehicle in the united states for 20 years.

It is really quite an accomplishment for the ram to have gone this.

We will see what happens.

We have a new ford f-150 that is aluminum bodied a year and half from now.

We will see how consumers rate that.

What do all of these rankings mean in terms of pricing?

In these times of household budgets, people are looking for affordability, but they are also looking for durability.

I think that is where they have the impact.

They have put -- they probably have the impact in terms of persuading people and helping companies maintain market share more than they have the ability to give them the opportunity to raise the price a few thousand dollars.

People still buy with their pocketbooks.

A car that is not as successful where they are higher inventories can be price down to reflect that as well.

Pricing i don't think is a real issue.

I think it is the fact that you can get more eyes looking at your car.


keller, this has been a harsh winter, particularly here in the northwestern united states.

How prolonged will the impact be on car sales?

We will see that in a few days when they announce february numbers.

But i think a lot of people are chastened by the fact that winter weather has been worse than january with places like atlanta, georgia, the carolinas, the pacific northwest being affected by snow, sleet, heavy rain, etc.

I think the impact will put us in the low 15's. by this time, the expectation had been that we had been above 50.5 million at a sales rate.

I do not think that is good to

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