Which Brands Have the Best Twitter Campaigns?

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Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Cristina Alesci discusses which brands have the best Twitter campaigns with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Social media teams.

Which ones need to go back to the drawing board and practice?

Christina did a little review.

You have been tweeting all week, haven't you?

Iffer' been on the twitter -- i've been on the twitter beat this week.

Say that five times.

I know.

I know.

I'm ending the week with another twitter story.

This one is very interesting because i -- you know, i'm covering the i.p.o. what we really don't know how brands are using in medium effectively or maybe not so effectively.


i started hunting around for brands because you know the major criticism of using social media is people have banner blindness and there's no engagement on users.


you just used words i need to have you define.

What is banner blindness?

People don't want to see the ads so they don't see them on a lot of the social media sites.

They basically ignore the ads.

Your ads go nowhere.

It was a bad idea to begin with.

You should do something else.

So you should increase in engagement.

You should get users to tweet with you.

Want to click on the ad.

So what loves diapers did was very clever.

They targeted brooklyn because they knew there were a lot of people with babies in brooklyn.

They have a lot of babies but a lot of them don't have a lot of cars.

So what they said was, basically inviting twitter followers or twitter users to tweet at them if they needed a ride to put their child asleep.

Very clever.

You know, not too many people actually got the ride.

But it did increase engagement.

For example, the company is pointing to statistics like a 247% increase in average monthly fan growth.

A 162% increase in average monthly love mentions.

So, look, it's tough -- this is the goal.

The goal is to have someone do this and then have it measured in some way.

This is how they do it.

They're saying, look, if your love diaper customer or follower on twitter, you can't get your child to go asleep, maybe we'll drive you around the neighborhood and the motion of the car will go to sleep and everyone smiles and they think that's great?


It's difficult to measure exactly how many diapers or more diapers were sold as a result of this kind of advertising.

But we do have some metrics that you don't have, let's say, if you do a television ad.


It's a metric, right?


One other compelling example that actually i was discussing with our social media guru, katie, here was the day that twitter announced that it will allow users to embed actual pictures and video.

Fedex comes out with an 'tisment that basically -- advertisement that basically references zombies in costumes reminding them they can get their halloween costume on time by using fedex.

It was a good way to visually grab people.

Those are the positive examples.

I got the feeling the negative ones are interesting.

Pretty bad.

You ended up finding, too, doing something you shouldn't do using this technology.

There are a slews of examples but two i thought were interesting was chrysler about two years ago hired an outside firm to basically manage one of the twitter accounts for its brand and actually accident an employee included an expolice tiff in the tweet and they -- explitive in the tweet and they had to apologize to it.

It had some, you know, basically criticism of the way people drive in detroit.

So that wasn't -- not a good thing if you're an automobile company, right?

No, not a great thing.

Also, the gap.

You were looking at the gap.

The gap during hurricane sandy was encouraging people to shop online during the storm and other users thought that that was very insensitive given the fact that people were losing their homes.

Some people were in harm's way, there were rescue users in harm's way.

The gap had to apologize on that front as well.

Not a great moment for that brand either.

Mcdonald's i think is another company.

Mcdonald's had a runaway problem with a hash tag because it invited users to use -- a hash tag.

You tweet.

The hashtag is what we used to call the number sign.


The pound sign.

The pound sign.

The pound sign.

This is a way to measure what's trending.

It's a way to get information.

But basically what mcdonald's said, we'd like to solicit some stories about mcdonald's and followers, please use this hashtag so that we can track all these happy stories about mcdonald's. what ended up happening, you had a lot of mentions about type 2 diabetes and the unsanitary conditions and all these negative things.

So that wasn't a great way to use twitter for that brand.

But you have to keep in mind that everybody thinks that it's easy to use these social mediums to reach people.

It's really quite difficult.

You have to have an army of people monitoring what's going on in the world to strike at the right moment to associate the brand with an event that's going to be powerful in the right way.

So it's very tricky to do.

Brands that could pull it off, however, are seeing a lot of engagement with their users.

All right.

Just to pick up on something.

This idea you got to find an event or situation that is current, right?

Zombies, for whatever reason, are very popular.

They're popular in movies.

You had "world war z," the movie with brad pitt.

Companies, they don't have to buy a license, they don't have to pay money to anybody who invents the zombie in order to jump on the bandwagon and say, we love zombies like you love zombies, have your costume shipped by fedex, you'll have it in time for halloween.

They connect with these events but they don't have to bay for it.

It's cheap.

-- you don't have to pay for it.

It's cheap.

You have to hire people to monitor the sites.

You have to hire creative, talented people in order to tweet at the right time to the right people.

And not say the wrong things.

In certain cases, one of the knocks against twitter and the fact it may not be able to raise advertising, look, do you really have to pay twitter for promoted tweets?

Why not do it or beganic -- organically, put it up on your own?

Promoted tweets help target

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