Which Brands Do Well on Pinterest?

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May 12 (Bloomberg) –- Pinterest Head of Partnerships Joanne Bradford discusses marketing brands on Pinterest on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You guys have been testing this for months, unpaid.

What have you learned about what works and what doesn't work?

What we have learned is pinners like to pin brands they love.

It is really a visual discovery tool for pinners.

And france have many different ways to tell the story of their brands.

If you are banana republic, it may be about dressing for work.

If you are kraft, it may be planning a birthday party.

The marketers are using in organic platform.

And they are very excited to use a paid roddick because it will help them scale.

Are there any brands that do well on interest versus others?

Will pins work better for some than others?

That is one of the things we're trying to figure out your raid we found in our early test that promoted pins worked better or the same, so we believe there are opportunities for markets to scale and pin also is a different things.

If you are lululemon, you might pin fitness food, travel ideas, as well as your products.

How do you get the brands on board?

What i have heard about pinterest, more brands what in, but you have not been ready.

We have had six months.

We have been hiring a team.

The team is really analytic striven, data-driven.

They have to be creative to help marketers tell that story.

They do three things on pinterest.

They put the button on the site.

And they should be aligned with the brand rhombus.

And the last thing -- brand promise.

And the last thing they will do is use the promoted pin products.

We picked brands that have started that journey, who have been using pinterest pretty well, and we're trying to help them figure out what are the best kinds of content they should put on there and what should be a promoted [in.pin.

Everything from aspect roadshow, to what sort of pin you put on there.

You wanted to look good.

We wanted to look good.

We wanted to be useful.

As people use interest as a discovery tool, we want them to be able to search and find an look at categories.

We think the pinner experiences the most important thing we do.

We can teach marketers to make great, great pins.

Will i ever see a promoted pin when i logon to my homepage?

There are no plans for that right now, because we think there's a lot within the categories that it gives context.

How much is the pricing?

It varies.

Right now the price is based on the full breadth of services we bring forward and we will figure out what the correct way should be in the market.

Right now we are doing cpm-based pricing.

It includes a lot of help from our team to make sure your pins are working really well.

From what you've seen so far, how much money making potential do you really see?

Do you see it as when to get this up and running it will be easy to rake it i9n? we hope it is a scale business.

75 cent of our users are on a mobile device.

We think -- 75% of our users are on a mobile device.

We think that is really important.

And for advertisers -- if you are trained to redecorate your home or plan a vacation.

I was looking for a vacation for my kids on spring break, and i ended up going to a national park because i was inspired by a board i saw.

You can do a number of things and we would hope that this would scale over time.

What this pinterest have to offer that facebook or twitter does not?

Why should i pay for a promoted pin rather than a sponsored story or tweet?

Said but we are a discovery tool really -- we are a discovery tool that is really thinking about your future.

We will help you plan your trip.

Redecorate your house.

We will help you discover things you want and need and that is different than the other social networks out there.

I am curious since you have had such a long career in tech and media, what your experience has been like moving to pinterest and how you are liking it so far?

I love the product in the brand and when i met the team, they are all very smart, very focused on the experience, on the consumer experience.

I think in technology, the very best thing you can do is put your consumer first.

Even with our promoted pin, we take feedback from our consumers.

That was really attractive and where the company is in its growth stage, i really love to build things.

I love the advertising business.

I love the reinvention of the format.

It was kind of a great domination of many things.

What was it like working with ben silverman?

He has such an inspiring story.

I wonder if he is different than other ceo's to work with?

He was very much about the experience for the pinner.

He also knows what he does not know and has built a great team to help with that, and i felt lucky to be part of that scene.

He is really a very smart thinker about how thepinner experience -- the pinner experience comes across?

How do you think about your sales team?

I know there must be a lot of people knocking on your door.

We interviewed -- sometimes i do four or five interviews in a day.

Right now we have 20 open positions and we hope and -- we expect to open more as we grow.

We are looking for the right fit.

We are looking for people who know how to use data and have a real vision around marketing and have a passion for pinterest.

We are hiring a lot of people to make sure our marketers have great partners working with them.

In terms of the business, is this something that will be open to businesses of all sizes?

Pinterest is discovering smaller businesses -- you are planning a wedding and you discover someone in the middle of idaho you did not know about.

Can those brands get in?

We have to service brands of all sizes.

One of the things i like to do is shop at independent boutiques in san francisco.

I have found a lot of them are great pinners.

We have a product that can serve them as we grow.

All right, joanne bradford.

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