Which are the Highest Paying Companies for Interns?

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March. 3 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “BWest Byte,” Cory Johnson reports on the highest paid Silicon Valley companies pay their interns $75,000 per year. (Source: Bloomberg)

It shows that interns at the highest paid silicon valley company paid them 75 grand a year.

If they were to stay for a fear year.

What companies are we talking here?

You name it.

Some of the bigger names in technology.

Twitter, linkedin, facebook.

This is a recruiting tool, not so much actual taking of it as paid.

They want to get a little test i before they hired them.

When i was an intern i got paid nothing.


That was clearly a bad plan.

Maybe they will throw in some daft punk tickets.

Usually they do not get paid a lot.

You have to understand the silicon valley interns make amazing coffee.

Better than blue bottle.

That might be worth 6000 or 7000 bucks a month to some.

They probably just put the right amount of foam on top.

To be serious, the use of interns and their free labor is drawing further scrutiny, particularly in silicon valley were so much money is there to be made.

The high paid intern is the outlier.

That is perhaps while we are talking about appeared the unpaid, abuse intern ending the labor to these companies is maybe a more disconcerting story in silicon valley.

I do know a lot of interest that parlayed it into jobs.

It often does lead to more.

Thank you all for watching this addition of "bloomberg west"/."

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