Where Will Elon Musk Build His `Gigafactory’?

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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Tesla said it’s broken ground near Reno for a $5 billion battery plant, signaling Nevada has vaulted to the lead of five states vying for the so-called gigafactory and its promise of 6,500 jobs. Bloomberg’s Yang Yang reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Location, but he is dragging this out.

He wants to get the best possible deal.

We have broken ground on a location near reno, but watch her other states -- four other states are still in the running.

He will decide by the end of the year which one to build to completion based on the speed of regulatory approval.

That is a nod to this date.

It is very much anyones game.

Everyone wants a piece of this factory that would employ 65 million peopl sickened 500 people -- 6500 people.

In yesterday's earnings call, musk said that the whole is very much in nevada scored.

It-- ball is in nevada's court.

He expects the state to provide about 10% of the factory cost very that is a lot of money to ask.

Can the state of for that -- afford that?

It is unprecedented.

Texas recently acquired a toyota plans that moved from california and it was only for million dollar -- $4 million.

This is 10 times that.

People are turning and betting that perhaps the factory will go to texas or california.

California really wants this and are teslas home state.

They have two bills that would offer breaks and incentives for battery manufacturers.

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