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July 7 (Bloomberg) -- Eurasia Group President and Founder Ian Bremmer and BlackRock Co-Head of Americas Fixed Income Rick Rieder discuss monetary policy on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Dollar going to float in the last six months of this year?

People are still looking at equities.

People are still going to the fixed income market.

We're still seeing flows into a variety of areas.

Into the high-yield businesses, and constrained.

The thing people are doing is they want to get yield.

The trust i see -- the thrust i see, click the coupon and forget about the total return.

Are you that defeatist?

We're trying to be more flexible.

There are places in the world where you want see rates higher.

We're trying to be flexible.

Like the emerging markets.

You can get attractive short in interest rates.

Will we see less financial repression?

One of the most important moments we had on "surveillance," this idea that ua four years, five years, 10 years to get a real return.

I think you brought up an important point will stop -- important point.

The u.s. is clearly from the terms of banking system is lending, the household system, corporate are when, europe will be in financial repression for a longer time, as is japan.

Places like the u.s. and the u.k. are clearly leaving.

It is a big deal in terms of all financial markets.

The british pound starting to appreciate after last week.

And largely still will.

You talk about policy going to involve, very slowly in terms of the rate at which it will change, same thing in the u.s., but it will change.

Yeah, right.

I look at this, rick, and we've all been wrong about the bond.

What exactly is the official blackrock call on the 10 year?

We think it will shift up 3%. rates are not going to explode higher anytime soon.

We think we will move to 3%. when you think about interest rates today, you look around the world, they're not that unattractive of a product.

Get liquidity.

Foreign money still good for our government paper?


They have nowhere else to go.

You want that money in the united states.

In russia, even with the sanctions, you still largely feel that way.

Many are coming to the united states.

High-end real estate and u.s. paper, u.s. dollar, absolutely.

The largest flows you've seen in the past few weeks have come, particularly from asia.

Are you confident we are capable of enacting fiscal policy?

Is such a thing were possible, it would be great.

But i don't see how it will happen in washington.

I things are percent fine rate is not meaningful anymore in terms of transmission mechanism.

I think fiscal for the policy, infrastructure discussion among

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