$10K First-Class Plane Ticket, With Shower, for $90

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Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- ThePointsGuy.com Founder Brian Kelly discusses frequent flier programs with Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Frequent-flier miles that you have?

You have heard a lot, i'm sure.

? the crown jewel of airlines as emirates.

Beautiful planes.

They actually have a shower in the first-class cabin.

Just last week i was able to fly them for $90 in first class.

$90? to fly a $10,000 ticket.

They are a partner with american express and they are also partners with alaska airlines.

Even if you have no miles or points, alaska airlines allows you to buy miles when you book a ticket at a cheap rate so you can buy emirates first-class.

I flew from india to new york via dubai and it came out to 1700 bucks for my friend who flew along with me -- how was the shower?

I took my shower right after takeoff and the captain turned on the seat down -- seat belt sign and frantically told the flight attendant to sit down as i was in the shower so i had to run out and left my watch.

I posted a video.

That may be too much information.

For 90 bucks?

Dubai and mumbai for 90 bucks and some points transferred from american express.

How long did it take for you to figure this out?

It takes a little bit of research.

That is the beautiful thing for miles and points but it is difficult for the masses but if you want to educate yourself there are so many values out there.

Shameless plug.

Robert kaplan, you have to parachute the sky in to lecture all the smart kids.

That is amazing.

We were talking finally for the first time in many years, the airline business is booming.

So, while they like these points programs, they are not as critical as they were.

So they are trying tosmall these programs down the little bit.

Should a corporation keep the frequent-flier miles of their employees or should they and to need the trend where i get my miles?

Homily it is never going to change.

Too late to change -- probably it is to -- never going to change.

The road warriors keep their miles.

They spent enough time away from home.

Like a third rail.

Quick last question -- what is the best use for your miles?

Seat upgrades?

Upgrades used to be valuable but there are so many co-pays -- could be up to $500. it can make sense.

And i like the good old we ward redemption, international

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