Where Should You Invest Your Money?

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Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Carol Massar reports on market performance on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is 56 past the hour, bloomberg tv is on the markets.

I'm julie hyman.

It lets take a look at where stocks are trading right now.

We have not seen big gains.

On the one hand, you have the better than estimated sales coming from microsoft and amazon.

On the flipside, you have disappointing numbers and health care and metal stocks are trading lower.

We want to highlight two individual stocks for you as well.

Flix technology, three years -- qlix technology cut its guidance for the year.

Selling off the worst -- eastman chemical stocks tumbling by the most in more than two years.

With stocks trading near record highs, there aren't many bargains to be found.

What should you be doing?

Some are -- money managers are hoarding cash.

A lot of these stock pickers are not seeing enough bargains out there.

Especially the value guys.

We have seen tremendous performance.

We have seen valuations get pricey.

So these are guys who have had great long-term track records, but this year they are trailing some of their peers because they're willing to sacrifice and put the money on the side and increase the cash position because they are not able to find bargains out there.

The percentage of cash on their books is pretty amazing.

He has 29% of his assets and cash and treasury bills as of the end of september 30. the cache locations are the closest they have been in his three decade career.

If you look at don yachtsman -- go to the end of 2008. the market was so beaten down after the financial crisis.

He had a cash level of about 1.4%. the time horizons for them in many cases is much longer than some other investors.

If they have a little bit of an off year or six months that are not as good, they are perhaps not as discouraged.


You look at their five year track performance, they are beating all of their peers.

There is something to be said for sacrificing gains in a six- month.

Because they understand longer- term it will make sense.

They can't find bargains out there, so why pay a higher price?

At the same time, you have to wonder what their investors are saying to them are they willing to be patient or are they saying listen, i invest so you can put my money to work?

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