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Sept. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Ey Americas Managing Partner Steve Howe discusses the U.S. labor market with Tom Keene on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

You've got interns, you've got recent college graduates, they are all smart and eager.

You want a referred experienced employee.

How do the young kids get that experience?

The first thing we have to do is provide a good experience at ey.

Our culture is important, it needs to be a great place to work.

You want the referral and the person 28 or 30 or 32 versus a newly minted 23-year-old?

We will hire 11 thousand people this year just in the united states.

About 40% will be experienced and referred heard there will be 6000 coming off campus where we need to have a great brand as well with faculty and students on campus.

I doing this with linkedin right now, this idea of stem.

Everybody needs math come everybody needs engineering.

Does ernst & young need liberal arts as well?


We hire people in business performance and managing risk.

We are hiring all kinds of students with that sort of background.

Can you find the people with the skills to fill those 10,000 positions and are you having to pay more to get them these days?

We have been hiring a lot since the downturn.

It has become more competitive which is a good sign for the economy in the last couple years.

We are still finding them.

Are you having to pay a lot more?

Yes, i think it is competitive.

Some of our business hires we are offering six-figure salary to people with the right expense.

Profits of the big banks are coming back and pay hasn't suffered all that much at the low end.

How do you get those guys to go over and do advising an auditory work?

We have launched a strategy vision 2020. we have really excited about our purpose.

There is an excitement to join our business.

How do you retain them?


Great question, it is development.

They have to believe they're going to develop themselves, traffic opportunities, learning on the job.

How do battle boredom?

Ice cream at 3 p.m. doesn't do it anymore, does it?

That's right, it is friday the expense as well.

Our people are working on exciting situations.

And it is geography.

We have bloomberg lp . geography is your best weapon?

Oh, would you like to spend six months in dubai?

That really works doesn't it?

We have more than 700,000 people worldwide.

Every city, mobility and experience is an opportunity.

How do you respond to people that don't have ui skills?

They're never going to work for you, they're undereducated, we have to get the employee and what would you suggest is the best prescription?

This is where we suggest other people give back as well.

We are upping and communities.

People want to see a vibrant economy top to bottom.

All right, we have so much more to talk about on this job stay.

Thank you for joining us this morning.

We have been speaking with manager atey, formerly ernst & young.

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