Where Have All the Soda Drinkers Gone?

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July 31 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Claire Suddath discusses the decline in soda drinkers and the image problems facing soft drink makers due to health concerns. She speaks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

"businessweek." what has happened to the market for soda?

People just are not drinking it as much as they used to.

It's been happening for close to 15 years.

Coca-cola itself has had a decline for about nine years, and diet coke started tumbling, too.

They tried to diversify into other kinds of beverages, right?

Has that not been as successful as they hoped?

It is successful to an extent.

Their core product is coca-cola.

Starting in 2007, they started buying new products, but all the coconut water in the world is not going to replace the sales of coke.


And they have not been able to really move beyond the $1 billion mark.


They buy them at around $10 billion, which is pretty small, and i hope to grow them to about $1 billion, and they have not.

Here is a defense, and i'd like to get your reaction.

Want to make absolutely sure that i state that all our product are healthy and good products.

There's nothing wrong with product that contain sugar as long as you actually have a choice that you give your consumers and as long as you actually make sure that you can be part of the solution for this actual societal problem, complicated societal problem called obesity.

People are increasingly trying to become more health conscious.

They are.

Coca-cola is filled with sugar.

The problem is coke still sells the really large sizes.

75% of their brand.

Thank you very much.

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