Where Does Yahoo Stand After One Year of Mayer?

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- George Hadjigeorgiou, chief operating officer at Housetrip, examines the changes and progress for Yahoo in the first year of the turnaround plan CEO Marisa Mayer. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse."

Quench you need to take a story in two parts.

Stock price.


If you look in the stock price, that has of you do with the efforts that she has done.

It has to do with the predecessors.

These two investments.

Currencies were in her favor.

One quarter of the total evaluation is based on the core of the properties.

On the stock price size, that is based on the efforts of predecessors.

The runway is important.

Her plan will not be completed until three years.

Are the confident of that turnaround plan?

The first year has been good.

The way i look at it is, she goes through three horizons.

Verizon number one is on and re- igniting people.

Number two is built around building insanely good product.

They are building insanely good products.

Verizon number three is around building the audiences of the great products.

They've done a great job around horizon one.

They have built great products around daily digital hobbits, like male.

She wants folks bringing back a huge audience on yahoo.

I understand the three-part strategy.

She has been on a spree with acquisitions.

She makes so many acquisitions.

She only got three of the 17 products.

The largest part was a's talent strategy.

She is trying to get the best talent around the world to work on these insanely great products.

That has been at the heart of her strategy.

Namely, companies that have done well.

She is acquiring them as product names.

As part of that, she will be able to attract better people.

You are confident on the strategy.

You used to work for yahoo.

Is she was your boss -- if she was your boss, would you be comfortable?

15% of people at yahoo are ex- employees of yahoo.

I think it is working.

Having said that, at the biggest part of the strategy is trying to compete in a place where google and facebook are trying to win.

That is the difference between them.

Google and facebook control the starting points.

My bed is that mobile could be a transformational move.

She will bet a lot on mobile to become a starting point.

Will she be criticized more than others because so much hope lay on her shoulders?

My take is that the stock price is underperforming.

It is flat.

Google and facebook are displaying ad revenues.

There'll be ups and downs in stock price.

Having said that, i think they are undervalued.

I think we will see a 2-3-year turnaround plan.

I think that the fact -- thank you so much.

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