Where Does Video Fit on Yahoo's Priority List?

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Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman reports on Yahoo's Hollywood game plan and the business behind Maker Studios. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Over there to help build out the video content that marisa mayer has made such a priority.

Interesting that she's leaving now at such a critical time.


I think that's one of the things that aaron is well known for.

Having some pretty strong relationships around town with some constant creators over the last couple of years.

People have probably heard about this yahoo!

Original burning love which is produced by ben stiller's production company.

Good relationship with them.

A good relationship with jack black who did an original for yahoo!. john stamos has an original foria d, -- yahoo!. and the issue of where this fits, video, on the yahoo!

Priority list, you're absolutely right.

Marisa mayer has talked about video being important but they're all out of things that have been important.

There's buzz about a potential senior executive coming into yahoo!. you're talking about someone in aaron who hases been there since 2007 and maybe it was time to make a move.

What do we know about maker?

Tell us about that.

I think maker's a great example of the new hollywood segments we do on this show.

Maker in a lot of ways is trying to level the playing field for content creators.

You take advantage of the production services and studios that they've made available to these people to make she's shows for youtube.

I think though there is still this question about financially how maker does long-term.

Because we know that youtube takes a good chunk of the advertising money that is generated from all of that content, so that leaves some ad money left for maker and for the content creators and when you're building out these studios and building out these facilities, coupled with having to share the revenue pie if a -- pie a few different ways, i think that's one of the key questions going forward for that business.

Thank you.

Well, thanks to new f.a.a.

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